Stanford course update!

Creativity: Music to My Ears by Tina Seelig, Stanford University

My first Stanford assignment with Tina Seelig was to create an album cover, and playlist that would tell the story of my life. I had such fun compiling the playlist but had a bit of a struggle with the album cover and title. My life is so full of twists and turns that I had no idea where to even begin.

So this is where the lecture came in handy. Tina talked about the different factors that help to encourage creativity, I soon realized that what could have been inhibiting my creativity was my habitat. I didn’t properly allow myself enough wiggle room physically to think about what picture or title to use for the cover. So low and behold, I changed my setting and I managed to complete the cover in no time at all!

I learnt the key pillars of creativity:

Imagination – framing and re-framing problems

Knowledge – Pay attention to life

Attitude – Quilt makers rather than puzzle builders

Habitat – Physical space

Resources – NOT MONEY

Culture- how said organization deals with failure

I also learnt that if even one of these were not included in the process, it would not be as organic and free.

Tina also shares different resources to inspire our creativity and this week they consisted of interviews with artists such as Jason Mraz and Josh Groban to discuss their creative process and how different factors can affect their creativity.

I found Josh’s description extremely helpful as he talked about the differences between living in LA and NYC. I totally identified with his description of NYC as a hotbed of culture and inspiration, and he also talked about how you have to choice but to participate in life whilst living in NYC, whereas in LA you can choose to not see a soul between your car and the studio.

Jason’s playful outlook towards creativity is a gift. Something he talked about was collaboration and how important it is to free your own creative process up.  I will definitely be trying his game whereby you take any word and make a song out of it, for fun! Just to have fun with your friends and to get the juices flowing.

Jason Mraz “rain dance” from Stanford Tech Ventures Program on Vimeo.

This reminded me of a game I used to play with my family back in the day on a long drive or something. We would create a story one line at a time, one person at a time. The stories would take very interesting turns because we are all such different people with such different outlooks!

Genius thinking by my stepdad, must have kept us quiet for a while haha.


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