Mint Condition

Song of the day! (not to be missed bonus clip too!)

Today my song of the day is from the amazing Mint Condition, who I am seeing at BB king’s Blues Bar on Friday. I could not be more excited, I am a fairly new fan but have definitely made a point of brushing up on as much of the catalogue as I can find!

Black Radio, THE Robert Glasper album (Absolutely banging album, I would highly recommend if you haven’t heard it already) is what led me to this prolific band. Stokley features on what could be the best song on the album (tough call!)


See an absolute dream collective in this video above…

Beyonce + Stokley Williams, Chris Dave + Robert Glasper.

This video is amazing for so many reasons but mainly it is so refreshing to see Beyonce in a real musician jam just letting it all go and adlibbing it out! The energy of this video is incredible.

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