Videology – ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Bingo

This week I made my second visit to Videology on Bedford Ave, this time for Freaks and Geeks Bingo. In Videology there is a cinema room at the back of the bar, with booths and tables and chairs, where they host various themed nights accompanying something playing on the big screen. Along the sidewall is a wall of DVDs which you can also rent.

We were given laminated cards and little counters for Bingo. On the cards were character faces, and phrases or motifs from the greatly underappreciated ‘Freaks and Geeks’ starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini and Busy Philipps. I am such a fan of the whole cast that to see them all together in such a fun setting, was a real treat.

I had never heard of Freaks and Geeks before (I know!), and was floored by how well it was put together and how the young cast worked so fluidly together. Last night saw a cameo from Ben Stiller as a whiny secret service agent for George Bush on a visit to the school for a ‘glorified photo op’. Whilst enraptured with what I was watching, I sucked at Bingo!! I did not win a thing, came close a couple of times, but alas no prizes for me.

The evening was so much fun, and had such a good vibe to it! The host was funny and cool and the crowd were a mixture of hipster bedfordians, and genuine 80s freaks/geeks that seemingly identified with the whole thing. The coolness was left at the door and everyone enjoyed the highs and lows of this teen sitcom whilst booing whoever got a Bingo haha.


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