Choose Yourself by James Altucher – BOOK

chooseAlongside the new foodie posts, I also want to share with you any other interesting things I come across. It will be books, articles, documentaries and even the odd sunset picture or general sky picture because I really am obsessed with the sky and its beauty.

In this instance, it is the book ‘Choose Yourself – Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream’ By James Altucher, with a foreword by Dick Costolo, CEO Of Twitter.

I’ll set the scene for you.

It was probably our 2/3rd week in the city and I had been ‘making the most’ of NYC by partying too much, meeting the wrong sorts of people, obsessing over the way I looked and what I ate, and just generally being a bit lost at sea. This caused my brother (who was here witnessing the whole circus) and family back home some concern.

Long story short, I was working at the office one day following a bust up with my brother (that resulted in us not talking for a few days), when the lovely receptionist gave me a package. I was puzzled as I had only been expecting packages containing self-tanner, or moisturizer, and this particular package felt like a book.

So I open up the package, and read the title of the book. My first thought was that this was from my stepdad, whom I had spoken at length with a few times following the bust up, as a thoughtful gift at a time when I was pretty low. Although I was grateful for the kind gesture, the title instantly turned me off. My first thought was ‘ ‘Make Millions’?! I am not interested in money and making tons and being like the big richies that I hate’ blah blah blah negative negative impatient Alex mode. Oh how I was wrong!

Choose yourself is tailoring your life around you. James starts the book with some economic history, then goes on to explain his story and then explains how choosing yourself really is the only way to go.

James has encouraged my creativity to come back to me after a few years’ hiatus with a few simple steps. Steps such as:

  • Coming up with 10 ideas a day (shamelessly! If they suck, then that’s 10 frogs out of the way for that day)
  • Having a ‘Daily Practise’ that involves making a list of the things you want to get done throughout the day for mental, spiritual and physical health and actually doing them! (I know this may sound obvious, but I am someone who likes to think that structure is the enemy in rebellion but really I do respond very well to strict daily aims when they are for my own wellbeing)
  • Always observing (This also ties in with my Stanford week 2 lecture!)
  • Sharing and combining ideas to make new ideas.

Along with my creativity boost, James’ stories and writing style has given me confidence that I absolutely can rely on myself for my own success. I now have a new lease of entrepreneurial spirit, and many ideas of how I can choose and trust myself.

As a result of this new positive boost, many things around me fell into place. Even when things still don’t go the way I plan I now have confidence that I can pick myself up and keep it moving because I have big plans that need me to be at my best.

It is still early days, as I have only owned this book a month, but I cannot recommend it more. I am on my second read of it now, and think it will be in every handbag I ever own as a fail safe pick me up for whenever I am feeling lost, confused or lackluster.

I’m not sure if having a yogi wife, failing so many times, or just being a sterling writer and observer has caused James to be so wise and kind spirited, but whatever it is, we all could use a little of James’ attitude in this ever changing and somewhat daunting world.

I feel as though I won’t be able to really do the book justice with one blog post, so I urge you to get hold of the book any how and also to skiddadle over to his blog and twitter and keep an eye on such a fantastically kind guy, and try and soak up some of his grade A advice on anything that you can.


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