Hello Bushwick!

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, but been re-jigging my NYC life.

I have moved to Bushwick, from Williamsburg and boy the difference is astounding. Gone are the coffee shops and organic markets and hello Popeyes and dunkin donuts! Have to say I caved to a Popeyes yesterday, and it really was gooooood (I know it’s ridiculously unhealthy, but curiosity got the better of me).

I have eaten at Popeye’s once previously whilst living in Abu Dhabi, and can safely say Brooklyn’s Popeye’s definitely beats out the Emirati attempt at an American staple. So, I get my meal home ready to eat in preparation for my evening adventure of going to the Musiq SoulChild concert at BB King’s and in my box of delight was an item that looks like a traditional English scone, so obviously me being British and fairly regimented with the order in which I consume meals, I saved it for dessert. Imagine my disappointment when I found it was savory! I have to say my initial disdain was faltered by the salty goodness of this little bread nugget. To add to the confusion, I found out later that this little stowaway is called a Biscuit! I can now officially say that I am a fan of all types of biscuits.

Another stark difference between Bushwick and Williamsburg is the Rooster population. I would say that there are a fair few chicken pens surrounding my new digs, and seemingly they as confused by their surroundings as I am. I got home from the Musiq gig at around 1am and the damn rooster was roosting away! Maybe he was having a party with all the hens, because unlike usual, I didn’t get woken up by his calling this morning at 6am but rather more around the 10am mark.

Here is a funny article I found about the Rooster dramas going back 100 years!



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