Musiq SoulChild gig review and Song of the Day!

I have been a fan of Musiq SoulChild for a while now and his first album has rarely left the CD player for longer than a day back home. So I was so excited to go and see him perform and see his artistry in the flesh. He could be the greatest songwriter of the contemporary RnB genre, especially in love and relationships. He has honed his voice and storytelling in a way that appeals to males and females equally.

I have to say how surprised I was at the audience at the Musiq gig. They were extremely unforgiving and even booed at one point! I mean, I get it, he didn’t sing the songs exactly how they sound on his albums and he did talk for quite a while about his philosophy on love and relationships, but nonetheless it was still a great show and he for sure has some vocal chops that deserved appreciation over critique.

Something that I absolutely love about coming to see all of these artists out here on their home turf (I generally listen to American artists, rarely do British artists match the sound of American neo-soul/RnB) is the level of musicianship the bands always have. I am floored by the creativity of each person on the stage supporting the lead artist. This is also another reason why I don’t understand how these people could have booed anything to do with last night?! Musiq and his musicians clearly write such tasty groove based tracks that I could stand and listen to them for hours while he talks about whatever he wants!

So my song of the day has to be Mary go round by Musiq from the Aijuswannasing album (The album that has not left my CD player in years). I choose this one out of his others for 2 reasons: 1) Because it came on my playlist just as I was writing this paragraph and 2) It is a perfect example of a groove I could sit on for hours and Juslisen (see also – 143 by Musiq from the same album or basically just the whole album haha)


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