The Meatball Shop

meatballSo right by Bedford Ave subway is the super cool ‘The Meatball Shop’, dubbed Meat Bawwllaz by me and my brother (who sadly 😦 made the trip back to Brighton, UK last week). In his honor I thought I would start a new theme of posts reviewing food places in a non-review way.

In order for a place to appeal to me it has to hit 3 marks:

  1. Great salad options (organic + non GMO = HUGE bonus’ – You’ll probably be able to get me to leave)
  2. Good music to eat to (To me that is Hip Hop / RnB / Soul / Loungey house / and anything that isn’t overbearing electronic/ Industrial sounding music or anything too electric guitar heavy)
  3. Staff with light attitudes. What I mean by this is: A smile wouldn’t kill you. I know in NYC it is super busy and I know how stressful waitressing can be (I am a terrible waitress – not unlike Rachel from Friends when she works at Central Perk but probably worse as my short term memory is terrible), but nothing is worse than feeling like as if you are a pain in the arse because you want to order some drinks or food from a waiter/ess that has better things to do seemingly.

So with all this said, The Meatball Shop hits all marks! I have eaten here thrice and every time left with a good full belly, and (much to the dismay of my brother) had a little dance with one of the serving staff to the perfectly volumed music. It really does make a difference when you see the staff just getting on with their work, effortlessly enjoying each other and creating a vibe that is comfortable to be around.

I generally order ‘The Kitchen sink’ salad. This includes lots of greens, and other good stuff and your chosen type of ball on top. I have had Beef, Turkey and Quinoa and all of them were absolutely amazing! I would watch out for the Jello shots though…DAYUM! Talk about knock your head off.

Very reasonably priced for Bedford Av, and I would 100% recommend. Easy pleasing!

PS The merch is also super cute! My brother bought me a beanie from here, and it’s made by carhartt and it came in very handy when I first got here and it was snowing. Next on my list is the long sleeved classic American style top with ‘Meatballers’ written on it.


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