Yoga at Greenhouse Holistic, Brooklyn

One of my goals whilst living in NYC was to find a yoga studio and to really dig into my practice. It is safe to say, 7th week in, that I am definitely en route. Thanks to a studio in Williamsburg by the name of Greenhouse Holistic.

I am lucky that the location of my first apartment out here was in south Williamsburg. It seems that this part of Brooklyn has a really excellent yoga community, and meeting all the different kinds of teachers I have met throughout my 6 weeks, has truly been a life affirming experience.

Back in Brighton, I attended a couple of yoga classes a week, with the inspirational Michele Winter, and was falling deeper and deeper in love with asana. I forced myself to go to these classes because it was the only time that my brain slowed down and focused on something other than my own sadness.

This was springtime in the UK last year (2013), and I felt like the sky was falling.  I couldn’t get control of anything, except my own health and body. So I threw myself into a grueling workout schedule, didn’t eat much and the weight fell off me. I was happy on the outside, and the center to a wave of conversation and compliments regarding my new look. In the years proceeding this ‘sky fall’ I had avoided my health, and gained about 20/30 pounds. I hid myself away from the world as much as I could get away with.

So when the opportunity arose to move to NYC, One of my first thoughts amongst studying Jazz vocal technique and maybe picking up some theatre refreshers was the excitement of being able to practice yoga everyday at a dedicated studio surrounded by like minded individuals.

Boy have I been blessed.

Greenhouse is prefect for me. The variation of teaching styles and classes contributes to a somewhat electric atmosphere of intention and love, and I honestly cannot put into words how helpful every teacher and class has been to the rebalancing of my mental and physical health.

Not to mention the knowledge I have acquired when it comes to alignment, philosophy and acceptance of everyone I come into contact with.

Being reasonably priced, full of excellent teachers with creative and knowledgeable sequences and 2 great locations (There is another but I haven’t visited there, and I hear they are shutting the third down, so I may not get the chance to visit to comment, but I have no doubt it is just as serene as the others).  I would 100% recommend checking it out if you are in the market for a studio to enhance your current practice.

Namaste Greenhouse, I look forward to continuing my NYC journey with you for the next 6 weeks.

I will for sure do another post and report more on my whole 3-month experience, but I thought first I would open the doors for some more yogic postings on my blog. It is such a key part of my schedule and I learn so much that it would be silly to leave it out of a blog about my life and experiences of The Big City.

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