Free Burlesque at Macao, Chinatown

cincoSo this past Monday was Cinqo de Mayo (yay) and also my first visit to a burlesque show out here in the states. My housemates go every Monday and absolutely raved about how fun it was, so I was super down to go to Chinatown!

I have seen a fair amount of burlesque in The UK, and sung alongside some extremely talented performers (See Crystal King + Violet Blaze ) at various charity events. It is always such fun, and the crowd always laps it up!

We go all the way downstairs to the basement of Macao and loved the décor, just the right amount of Chinatown with old school glamour, it fit the evening perfectly!

So, right out of the gate the bartender is super hot, can clearly mix a drink (The cocktails for the night were designed by him, he promises next week The Eastside can be called the Eastside Alex – If he thinks I am letting that one go…He can think again haha), and the pre-show music was pretty good too. Heard lots of new wave British garage type of stuff – (Disclosure, Sam Smith and all of that crew), I haven’t heard that style since being out here, so I was up dancing stone cold sober… Standard.

The show starts and the host is also a performer, but she really does excel at crowd engagement and demanded the attention of all in the room. Not shy that’s for sure. All of the performances of the night were absolutely great, and to see all of that for free was a steal! Fortunately for the performers a tip bucket did go around at the end of the night and it looked pretty healthy, so that’s always great to see too!

My favourite part of the evening were the crowd games! I won musical chairs… Ohhhh yeah! My friend also won the dance off with some bangin moves, and more than deserved that free drink she dropped it like it was hot for. Our side of the room also won the loudest crowd prize so we got free shots. Lots of freebies to be had at this classy and fun night, I would 100% recommend seeing the show on a Monday night, and I will probably see you there!



Author: sunsetsoulsister

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