Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox

Eight days to reboot and revitalize!

KaliSpring has well and truly sprung, and I hear it is the perfect season to cleanse the body and mind after the groggy winter months.

I have been exploring the cleansing ideas for a while now and had yet to discover one that I thought I could realistically do, for either time or money reasons. So I researched, and decided a juice cleanse would be a good idea. I looked for organic and cold pressed juice detox packages, and found a few that looked very good with great reviews.

However, something was holding me back as it seemed like a lot of money for a 3 day package, and then there is the delivery and blah blah, I basically talked myself out of 3 different selections.

So on I go with my life, practicing yoga, persevering with the guitar and singing my jazz. I didn’t think much more of it, I am a Pisces so naturally very fickle. Ideas I do not lack that is for sure. Commitment, now that’s a whole different story!

I was at the Driggs location of Greenhouse Holistic and on the wall was a poster for a Spring cleanse. The Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox by Lauren Fecarotta. Lauren is one of my favourite teachers at Greenhouse and her classes are always super creative whilst maintaining integrity and always challenging enough to keep me interested.

Not to mention she looks absolutely gorgeous, so I thought if this was something she’s selling then I have to at least take a look!

After one of her majestic (yes, majestic!) classes, I managed to have a chat with Lauren prior to my signing up, and she explained to me the Kali Ayuverdic Yoga Detox is a cleanse that lasts 8 days, with a 3 day juice fast in the middle! Perfect. She also explained to me that we would be cutting dairy, meat, wheat, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, processed foods and negative thinking. Double perfect. I don’t consume much dairy or meat anymore anyways so this may just be the push I need to go whole Vegetarian, or finally cut my addiction to sugar – The absolute bane of my life and wellbeing!

I have researched into Ayurveda a bit here and there previously, mostly through reading Dr Douillard on elephant journal. So I knew some of the basic principals when it comes to food but hadn’t inserted them into my daily life, as I had no idea where to start!

A few days prior to starting the cleanse we met at Greenhouse for an extremely educational lecture on Ayurveda, and we also were given our cleanse packs containing many fabulous things to aid our daily routine for the next 8 days.

We have a set daily morning routine that we have to complete, and I have to say, there are quite a few tasks to carry out, but I absolutely enjoy every single one! My favourites are –

Oil Pulling – 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish around for 10-15 mins. I used to be a complete anti coconut person, but within the last few years or so I have really warmed it so I find this to taste quite pleasant and my teeth feel absolutely amazing after. Especially post teeth brush (Fluoride free toothpaste obv)

Dry Skin brushing (towards the heart) – Such an obvious thing to me now, but it makes my skin feel lovely and warm, and ready for a shower! Post-shower combined with the abyanga oil in our detox packs, after only 2 days my skin feels much smoother.

Kidney Cleanser – Now this is one I will definitely be adopting into my everyday routine. It is bottled water (very important especially in the US where most of the water is fluoridated, and unfiltered can house a ton of creepy chemicals), a pinch of cayenne pepper, a quart teaspoon of turmeric and the juice from a whole lemon (unwaxed preferably, I used a waxed lemon this morning and I find the texture so gross compared to non waxed). The lemon juice is a great way to alkalize the body’s PH first thing as well as clean the kidneys and liver, the cayenne is great for starting that digestive fire and the turmeric is a great anti inflammatory and aids in the detoxifying process in the brain as well as the body.

Oh and last one, take a teaspoon of raw local honey, and sprinkle some organic black pepper into the spoon and swallow. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the honey that Lauren found at the farmers market at McCarren Park in Williamsburg is by far the best honey I have ever tasted! Black pepper is a balanced way to replenish the body of the 5 natural elements. Back in the day on spiritual practices yogis would consume just a few peppercorns a day to encourage the body to reuse existing nutrients, and is great for the memory (Hallelujah) and metabolism.

This is turning into a bit of a lengthy post so I am going to sign off, and I will continue my explanation and review in a part 2 at the end of my detox period!

Peace Kings and Queens xxxx


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