Update – Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox

20140508_201953 (1)I am writing this post at the day 5 of this 8 day cleanse, and day 3 of the juice cleanse.

It is safe to say… I feel GREAT!

Having done extremely well with resisting all kinds of temptations, I really am feeling great and very proud of myself. Not only was there a party at my house on day 1 of the juice cleanse, this party had pizza, candy, Jello shots AND was the first party with my new housemates in my new house!

So boo that I didn’t quite get all the way involved, but yay to me strengthening my will power muscle. I also am someone that can easily party sober – as long as the music’s right, I’m there!

Anyway, that’s enough of my party woes haha.

Back to the detox update.

I am still carrying out my morning routine of various steps to start the day with a healthy body and mind.

The day starts with oil pulling and an oral health routine and then moves onto a ten-minute meditation, and pranayama practice. I really appreciate this part of the routine, and I think I will continue to sit quietly and breathe for at least 10 minutes before starting my day. For me it is a great way to make the final transition from asleep to awake. I am not a morning person at all, but find that after some time to collect my thoughts and settle any of the previous days scores, I can always move forwards more smiley and bouncy.

An interesting and energizing part of the sequence is Bandha Practice. Now I have no idea how to describe this practice, so please click on the link to see a full explanation. This practice is great for toning the internal muscles and I find it really gets my digestive system fired up for the first time for the day. Some activity in the core really is great first thing!

We are also encouraged during the detox (except juice days) to snack on 2 organic apples a day, alongside our vegan meals and smoothie. Apples are great for staving off hunger and I also hear they can be as good as a cup of coffee for a little pep up in the middle of the day.

So far, so good!

I can definitely see myself moving into summer revitalized both in the body and mind. I have found that by cutting back on so many things that are so abundant in my everyday life, has made me realize that I don’t need to consume half of the things I consume on the regz. i.e sugar!

Cravings wise – I have found that I have craved carbs massively! Which is odd because I don’t normally have a big carb craving, I am mostly all about the cookies, sweets and chocolate. So I am not sure what that means, maybe a lack of protein. Which I have say, is my only qualm with the whole juicing thing. I miss knowing that my muscles are getting enough protein for them to stay strong. So I think If I was to re vamp my diet it would look a little like this :-

Morning – Daily practice from Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox (including smoothie for breakfast followed by a B complex supplement)

Lunch – I like that in Ayurveda you consume 50% of your calories at lunch and really make the middle of the day meal the most extravagant in terms of consumption. I have found that if I have a late lunch that also counts as a bit of a breakfast too, so with eggs and meat of some sort of a bit of toast or croissant, I always stay full right up until dinner.

Dinner – Either a juice or some sort of light rice/quinoa based dish with lots of veg and greens. Maybe even Kitcheree, a staple to the Ayurvedic diet.

Another great thing about this Detox plan is the booklet that Lauren gave out at the pre-cleanse meeting. It contains so many recipes that are vegan friendly, and I cannot wait to get back to the UK and make the most of the full kitchen ( as opposed to the kitchenette I have at the moment!) .

Preview of my bag of goodies given out at the pre-cleanse meeting. Green vibrancy supplements contain all of the necessary greens to get you going i.e spirunella and wheatgrass extracts. The tongue scraper has been an experience too!

In the final installment of my detox posts, I will give you the entire lowdown on how I feel after completion!

So far my skin feels great, my teeth and oral hygiene is feeling good and my stomach is flatter. Woohoo. However, not going to lie, I am hungry!

Namaste homies!




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