Vodou, Bed-stuy

voudouA couple of Saturdays ago I visited Vodou.

From the outside it looks like a boarded up bar that had seen better days. Having been past it a few times, I had always wondered what was inside so when a friend said to meet them there, I jumped in a cab and off I went.

When I arrived, there was no sign outside (definitely a trend in Brooklyn to make the customers guess the name of a place by having the signs in weird and wonderful settings out front), so after checking with the bouncer I was in the right place I went right in.

Immediately I saw how busy it was, it was about 12 on a Saturday night so no surprise there, and it sure was turnt up! 

It was a mixture between hip hop, bashment and trappy sorta new school hip hop and I loved every second of it. It was so packed that moving wasn’t such an easy feat, but the crowd was nice enough and we all got down with the party vibes.

Drinks were average sort of price, so not through the roof, I had a couple of G+ts (that were made well – Result!) and some Patron XO Café shots – Always my shot of choice if the bar stocks it, which not many do unfortunately.

Will defo be visiting this place again, especially if my good friend comes out here, It is for sure her kind of place!

Party on people!



Author: sunsetsoulsister

I sing I write Yogi Hire me!

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