Cleanse/Detox roundup + confessions.

yoloI’m a cheater.

Yep. You read that right. I suck at willpower.

My crumble from the detox plan started on day 5, when my housemate ordered Dominican food whilst watching the epic Heat vs Nets game. Now I am not sure if it was because I knew I couldn’t have it, it smelled so good, or because I had never tried it before! Whatever the reason, I ate a bit of chicken, a bit of pork and some onions… all probably cooked in who knows what, and this was the beginning of the end!

Both of my housemates were particularly helpful in this process, and even ordered so much food that I couldn’t just sit there with my herbal tea and not get involved. Also, this is my last month in NYC and I really want to make the most of this experience, and Dominican food seemed the way to go that evening.

I also, on day 7, drunk alcohol, sang karaoke and ate Popeye’s (evil master of fast food!).

Despite me not fulfilling the cleanse all the way through, and in effect not fully giving my body a break and a chance to rejuvenate, I still learnt a ton about nutrition, pitfalls and how digestive balance is so important.

Things I learnt from taking part in the Kali Ayurvedic Detox:

• Basic Ayurveda practices to start the day. These I am going to be keeping up, not to mention not eating after 7.30. If I can follow my loose meal plan from my last post, then I think I will be on the road to healthier and more stable eating habits.
• Hydration is key! I am absolutely terrible at keeping hydrated, but such a champion of instructing others to drink more water. So I am going to try to take my own advice.
• I haven’t missed caffeine at all. I do love a good coffee, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t missed coffee in the slightest! I think on the most part I will be sticking to herbal teas, juice, daily kidney cleanser and trusty H2o.
• Trying to completely cut dairy is very difficult. Dairy is in so many unexpected things; you really do have to be careful! I will be continuing cutting dairy wherever possible, as it produces a different kind of mucus in the body that isn’t so favorable to a singer. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
• Bandha Practise is key!
• Do not mix proteins and fruit together.
• Do not eat fruit after a meal, as the digestion time is a lot faster and can cause a traffic jam effect in the process of digestion.
• I like meat more than I initially thought, so I am going to be expanding my horizons and try to find more meatless sources of protein and aminos so I can limit my meat intake. (I have no idea why I even reached for the Dominican pork- I never eat pork usually!)
• Forgiveness for myself. I still have such a long way to go in terms of ironing out my bad habits with sugar and food, but I now have more tools to make better decisions and have so much more knowledge than I did a week ago.
• Coconut oil is the Don of oils.

iregretnothingSo in closing, I would like to say that the Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox is incredible. Lauren is absolutely phenomenal and with you every step of the way. I think if I had been in a different situation, I would have really stuck through it and come out feeling bloody brilliant.

But all in all, a very informative 8 days, where not only did I learn a ton about food in general, I learnt loads about myself. I found out that food over alcohol is more likely to tempt me into naughtiness, and karaoke can sit at the center of that Venn diagram!

The 8 days were half cleanse and half pretty naughty! I resisted a lot of temptations and also caved into a few in the name of fun.



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One thought on “Cleanse/Detox roundup + confessions.”

  1. Sooo interesting Alex. I’m supposed to be dairy free at the moment but it’s almost impossible and very dull. Don’t beat yourself up about the water – you drink more than any other person I know. Enjoy as many food varieties as you can during your last few weeks in NYC, you’ll only regret it if you don’t. See you soon xx

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