Karaoke at Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

branded saloonThe Branded Saloon hosts 2 karaoke nights a week on Tuesday and Thursdays. I hear Tuesday is less busy than the Thursday, so that might be something to keep in mind when visiting.

So when I first arrived ‘Tammy Wynette’ was hosting Bingo, and the atmosphere was lively and fun and pretty electric- A world away from what most bars are like in the UK, let alone on a Tuesday evening.

alex-joshieThe bartender, Joshie (left, man of the moment, and my closest housemate in my big ol house) is the king of this establishment and isn’t afraid to holler out any kinds of heckles or comments he may be having at any given moment.

The crowd is very mixed, and I love how karaoke can bring out the unexpected in people. I heard some jazz from a burly hockey guy, I sang some RnB, there were some great American pop rock jams pulled out (‘Sugar were going down swinging’ being my forgotten gem of the night), not to mention some epic power ballads! (My friend Carla absolutely smashed ‘Alone’ like a boss)

I was drinking a spiked lemonade that was way too good, and there were other drink specials such as Angry balls, and that is the only one I can remember in all honesty haha. We had some silver Patron in a giant shot glass, Lord knows how I managed to sink that one – especially post ½ cleanse, oops sorry body!

All in all, such a fun night in a cool place with warm friendly vibes laced with debauchery and spiked lemonade!

Branded Saloon also serves food that smelled great, and will be following up this post with a food review from them sometime soon I am sure.

Thanks for a fab night to Joshie and the team at Branded Saloon and I will for sure be making my presence more regular!


Author: sunsetsoulsister

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