Downtown decadence

Thursdays are generally Manhattan based; I go to my mum’s office to pick up mail, I have my jazz lessons, I usually get juice or coffee and sometimes write in Central Park, and post jazz lesson I will sometimes walk along the Hudson and catch the sunset.

This past Thursday however, felt a little different. I felt like I wanted some good food, and my legs felt like they wanted to walk and explore. I seem to get this a lot when I go to Manhattan, I will have plans to do this and that but my legs always take control and get me lost. I don’t mind one bit.

So I started out at Broadway Lafayette. I know this area so I walked west pretty sharpish after checking out the Adidas store and some other spots XX.

I walked through the lovely and green West Village and stopped for an Omelette at Café Condensa. I had a red pepper, spinach and ham in my omelette and it came with potatoes, greens and some toast. Just what I was looking for, and enough fuel to keep me going for a few hours. Café Condensa is in such a nice spot for people watching, if you get a chance to look in there then I would highly recommend!

After my lunch I continued to walk through the lovely leafy West village until it turned into Chelsea. This part of the world really does look like it does on TV and I felt very to-do walking around on a Thursday afternoon.

As I was walking I could see n the distance ‘The Highline’, so I decided to walk towards that and see if I could find the stairs, but then it just started to rain so I decided to find shelter in Chelsea Market.

This was my first visit to Chelsea Market and there are no words to describe the awesomeness of it. From Italian shop to buy authentic Italian products like biscotti (yum), pre-made ravioli and all sorts of dishes to make, to bars of chocolate that weigh 5kg! The thought ‘How would I get this in my suitcase?’ definitely passed my mind for a second.

You Tube also have their offices at Chelsea Market, aswell other cool studio / media type companies. Not to mention Google next door! (Thank you Google I definitely used some of your wifi)

So despite not being terribly hungry after my lunch at Café Condensa, I still wanted to test out some of the baked goods that were all over my little rain sanctuary. I started in the most logical sense.

Mini Doughnuts @ Doughnuttery.

You could get 6 of these little bad boys for 6 dollars and you could choose 2 flavours of sugar to have them rolled in. I had a lemon and poppy seed flavor, and a chocolate flavor. Lemon won the challenge by a smidge. Brighton Pier is missing a trick with flavoring the sugar, but the doughnuts themselves were not a match for my hometown Sunday staple.

Next was Eleni’s for sugar cookies.

20140515_185436_Sophia (1)The designs in this place are beyond cute, and they have free samples on the counter too! Win-win. I had a little sugar cookie that looked like the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

It looked nicer than it tasted, so I was sad when that was gone! I also had a oatmeal raisin cookie that was probably the best that I’d ever had. Yum Yum Yum.


After checking out the bookshops, and food shops and the pop-up shops I decided it was time to move myself along to my next plan for the day- Cocktail time!

20140515_191636_SophiaWhilst I was mooching away it had somehow turned into 7pm, and although I really wasn’t particularly hungry I stumbled on the Empire Diner, and decided to stop in for a coffee, cocktail, and some LOX and Barrata.

I’m very impressed by this place and the service, and will definitely be returning again. The loves that work there let me sit on a table outside by myself and even when I could see that it was a bit awkward for me to be taking up a prime table with just me and my little book, they were adamant that I stay where I was! I did get some looks shot at me from hungry looking punters who obviously wanted to sit outside, but oh well, this is New York! Fair is fair 

So the bottom line is:

Chelsea, NY has been added to my list of places that I need an apartment. It joins Williamsburg, Hove seafront (preferably Brunswick Terrace), Ibiza, Miami and Dubai on my wishlist. So if anyone out there has a spare few mill, send em my way! I’ll treat the bucks good and make sure they find a good home.

Tootaloo darlings xx


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