20140518_112139_Sophia_RadDay 1

So this is my new idea for a series of blog posts to document my last 25 days in the states for a while!

I named it HappyHealthy to incorporate mental health as well as physical health.

As someone who struggles with depression and being out here I have had no choice but to put myself under the microscope a bit. Being by myself has been an excellent opportunity to learn about me and has enabled me to look out for trigger points or patterns that send me down into a few days (used to be weeks would go by under the black cloud, with a few days of ‘up’ peppered in) under the black cloud.

Instead of it just being ‘Healthy’ which implies physical health and can lead to the start of obsessive unhealthy cycles for me, I decided to make the most of my time left here in the happiest way I see fit.

20140514_121309_IvanInspired by my previous post, that day I felt like I wanted to explore and taste new things, and maybe shouldn’t have had the extra cookie or the cocktail but I had a really fab day and I shook off the guilt in the name of happiness!

So I start my #25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC at a Church Block Party called Spring Stage live.

I was planning on leisurely walking to my new gym picking up my keycard and maybe getting some cardio in when I heard some live music poppin off along Broadway (BK). So I went and started to watch what was going on and shortly found out it was an event called ‘Spring Stage Live’ and was held by the morningside church as a yearly event that takes place to give back to the members of the church and to also encourage people to find their home church to worship at.

Although I am not strictly religious, I am definitely not an Atheist and am more than happy to bear witness to musical phatness in the form of gospel music and show my support through dancing, hollering and giving thanks to whatever is out there! I saw artists such as Anita Wells and lots of fabulous choirs.

My evening was pretty nice too, chilled on the porch with one of my housemates for a while and then grabbed food with my Italian housemates, the food was all fried (chicken, catfish, cod, salmon)! Oops, but with the J train down all we can do is walk to get food and we live in East Bushwick so it’s all fried haha.

All In all Sunshine, Soul and fried chicken was the name of that day!


Free summer concerts in NYC


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