#25HappyHealthydaysinNYC – Day 2

The perfect Sunshine filled Sunday.

So my perfect Sunday goes a little bit like this when in Brighton.

Get up and go to the beach.

  • Have some drinks on the beach.
  • Listen to some live music.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Either continue the drinks for some cocktails, or go grab some dinner and have a girly night in with gossip or some sort of film/tv series.


My most recent Sunday in NYC:-

  • Sunshine.
  • Italian food and cookies from Chelsea market.  (Taglitelle bolognaise + Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies from Eleni’s – Couldn’t resist!)
  • Walk from West Village to East Village.
  • Window browsing.
  • Special Ice cream with pick and mix on top!
  • Movie (The other woman – See review here)
  • Sunset by the Hudson.
  • Seat on the L train!
  • Chill on my porch in Brooklyn til it gets too cold.

I am such a fan of Sundays, as you can probably tell.

Whilst living over here I seem to have trained my body to crave Italian food on a Sunday. Before my brother went home we would go for our family dinner on Sunday evenings at Puglia in Little Italy, and have the best time. I would highly recommend visiting there if you get a chance, Jorge on the keyboard will show you a good time!

So naturally it is the day when I yearn for home, either a roast at my mums, a barbecue on my mums front yard or some drinks on the beach with the girls. Sundays are always a fabulous day, and I vote them the best day of the week! Some say Saturday is the best day of the week because you can have a full day without worry of work the next day, but I have never had a 9 to 5 Mon-Fri job so that doesn’t really resonate with me.

I will uploading pictures with #25happyhealthydaysinNYC to instagram, so feel free to upload any if you see anything fun around the Empire state in the next 23 days 😀 xxx


Author: sunsetsoulsister

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