The Other Woman – movie rundown

After much dilly-dallying on my part, I finally saw this movie!

My girlfriends in the UK raved about this movie to me one facetiming sesh urging me to see it, with a recommendation like that I couldn’t refuse. I’m so glad I managed to catch it as it has been out a while now!

On paper this movie looks bizarre. A housewife befriends not one but 2 of her husband’s mistress’, and this threesome works together to take down this nasty dawg of a man. I suppose it is a little like First wives club in a ‘girls with a plan’ way, except this has Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton (new girl crush!) and one of my favourites, Leslie Mann.

This is a trio to be reckoned with, both in real life and as the characters in this movie.

Kate Upton is absolutely stunning, and it is so refreshing to see a natural looking body on screen! She is by no means skinny or what you typically see in Hollywood movies, she has a great pair of natural boobs, great legs and no six-pack or over worked arms in sight! Hallelujah Hollywood! Finally you found a normal looking girl to shove into the limelight for a change.

Leslie Mann is funny as ever, and I really like how she took her character deeper. It could have been pretty easy for her to play this housewife similar to her previous housewifey roles, but this character was a little more whiney and vulnerable than I have previously seen from her and I liked it. She has great physicality and her timing is excellent. Her and Diaz really looked like they had fun making this movie, and I think that is why it was so enjoyable!

Girl Power!

I absolutely cannot wait to see some my girls in a few weeks, bring on summer: DImage


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