#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC – Day 5 – D’Angelo!!!!

From the outset of this day there was a weird energy around, from the intense humidity to my tentative anticipation for the days main event – ‘A conversation with D’Angelo’.


I started the day how I always do with Oil Pulling using coconut oil, a fantastic habit I have picked up from my Ayurvedic Yoga Detox. Another part of the daily practice I have kept up is the daily kidney cleanser, and I am sure that these are the reasons why my skin is super soft and blemish free. Before I started this mini routine the NYC air was tarnishing my fresh sea breezed face that rarely got a spot or inflammation.

Next was the Gym, nothing major to report there except general nice interactions with people and Boy meets world on the TVs, along with Ridiculousness. I rarely watch TV over here; so catching random shows like this make cardio that little bit more bearable for sure.

So I planned to leave myself enough time to eat before the main event. LOL to me planning, how foolish can one be! Not only did I forget that I needed to print my ticket out. Then after being a bit of a pain to the guys in the office downstairs and husslin them for their printer, I get all the way to Broadway Junction and realize that I left my ticket on my bed. Fabulous. That’s food out the window pre D for me. After rushing back to the mansion and grabbing my ticket, much to everyone’s confusion as to why I was back so soon, back on my way I go.

I arrive at Brooklyn museum and am floored by the monumentalness ( I know mum, it’s not a word.)  Of the building in front of me. I never would have expected in Brooklyn there to be so many beautiful buildings, let alone to house the most exciting event of my life!!


Luckily I made it to the museum bang on when doors opened so I decided to do my usual thing and get lost for a little while pre D. I was hungry and knew I would be sitting for a while so managed to find a cute little shop that sold relatively healthy stuff. Woo!

I won’t go into the D’angelo sitch here, I am going to have to write my own run-down of this event as it was really one of the best evenings of my existence. But what I will finish up with is a brief summary of my adventure in Prospect Heights.Prospect Heights is very nice, very green, very suburban – a world away from Bushwick, especially the part in which I reside. Lovely restaurants, organic shops, healthy takeouts and trees EVERYWHERE! Franklin Av looks to be a bit of a hotspot, and sure enough bars to keep the local residents drinking for a while without repetition. This part of Brooklyn reminded me a little of a grown up Williamsburg, for the older hipster haha.

I managed to finally decide on food, and went with Black Bean soup, watermelon juice and a quinoa blueberry bar from Lincoln Station right near the Franklin Av subway. I originally wanted something different so was a little disappointed with the idea of soup, but it was exactly what I needed! Wasn’t too heavy and tasted great. The quinoa bar especially was bangin! I also managed to wangle some sushi off my housemate when I got home – BONUS!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know if anyone has any recommendations of anything I can get up to in my last 3 weeks over here!

Peace x


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