#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC – Days 9/10 – Memorial Day weekend part 2!

I started this extremely sunny Sunday with excellent intentions of a gym session. But walked halfway there and decided I didn’t want to do that and instead I wanted to go for Brunch!

Enter Sunshine Ravegirl Sister (still me- just with my little devil pulling the strings)

On my walk back I spotted ‘Gallery Bar’ on Broadway in Brooklyn had a great deal for Brunch for 25$. I got back to my place and was the butt of some laughter when it became clear Id abandoned the gym to eat and drink instead. Oh well, YOLO and all that.

Gallery Bar has a great back patio and I managed to sit and chill in the sun there for a good few hours, and I am sure my waiter gave me unlimited mimosas for more than an hour… Ledge! I ate a very lovely omelet (didn’t take a picture- Think I may have started drinking before eating so all normal thoughts of blogging my activity went out of the window in favour of just ‘being’) and the service was excellent. Hidden gem right there!

Whilst I was occupying said patio I received a lot of Snapchats from back home as it was a bank holiday weekend so me and the girls were pretty much doing the same thing at the same time! It’s always fun to catch up with the girls and it’s at times like those that I think snapchat is one of THE best apps of recent years. Whilst being over here I’ve managed to share so much with so many people and I can keep up to date with all the goss back home. Win-win!

So after finishing my book and having a little laugh at the author naming his naughty drunken part of his ego Alexandra, I decided it was time to move on. On my walk back to the mansion I decided (stupidly) to go shopping along Broadway at some of my favourite clothes shops like VIM and 10spot. Cheap funky clothing and alcohol are a bad mix! Although I did end up with 2 pairs of YOLO flip flops…

The drinking continued on the front porch at the mansion with a variety of people, then the cops showed up for some investigation they were carrying out (long story- nothing to do with me, I wasn’t THAT bad), and that was our cue to relocate for a while. Beer Pong followed and after that it is all a bit of a blur! I do know though, I am a gold medal champion at Beer Pong after at least 3 drinks, anything before that I absolutely suck.

The moral of Sunday was that sticking to one drink is not always a good thing…  when that drink is sparkling wine!

Monday (memorial day) started pretty early for me, tends to happen if I have had a heavy night on the vino the night before, I was still drunk off my ass until about 2/3pm and walking around in some crazy clothes that I decided looked good. It wasn’t until after a tactical nap that my brain returned and I decided I needed to get my life together as we were having an official memorial day weekend cook out in the backyard of the mansion!

The cookout was a roaring success with a ton of people, food and drinks! Perfect way to round off a fabulous weekend ❤ ImageImage


Author: sunsetsoulsister

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