#25happyhealthtdaysinnyc – Days 11-16 Pt 1- Family stylings

So seeing as I am pretty behind with my posting I am going to summarise my days rather than post however many posts where I will probably waffle loads!

So let’s see if I can summarize efficiently whilst maintaining the all-important Goss.

My family were over (mum, stepdad, little sissy) on a business trip to exhibit for eBook Partnership at Book Expo, and that went pretty successfully for them so that is fab.

I also got to spend some wicked time with my sissy taking her around some of my favourite spots. I ate a fabulous soup from the Hearty soup place in Chelsea Market that was SO GOOD. It was an Italian concoction that tasted like spaghetti bolognaise but was in a chunky soup form. Lush! My sissy also enjoyed all of the fabulous bakeries and cookie places; a sweet tooth definitely runs in the family!

We then climbed the stairs to the Highline, which for those of you who are not familiar, is an abandoned train line running along the west side of Manhattan that turned into a promenade and a super green garden. My sissy and I managed to pick the perfect day for an ice lolly AND we also got some tanning time in.

Although my family was only around for 4/5 days we did manage to pack in some pretty impressive things! I managed to get my mummy all to myself for a dinner @ 5 Napkin Burger on the Upper West Side, the John Legend Concert in Brooklyn @ BAM, and I won orchestra seats to The Book of Mormon just hours before my mum had to get her flight! Absolute charmed weekend.

Book of Mormon was obviously hilarious and John Legend is an absolute professional and I loved his setup. The All of Me tour is a stripped back acoustic show, and he really was in his element. Learnt a few fun facts about his life and career, all of which were so inspiring.

Despite my initial annoyance at having to go to Times Square all the time to meet them, I ended up eating my words and loving having them there every second.


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