#25happyhealthydaysinnyc Days 11-16 pt. 2- My Double Life

Although my days were activity packed whilst my family was in the city, my nights were even more so!

So on day 13 I had suggested to everyone in the mansion that we go to Output in Williamsburg because Rudimental were playing a DJ set. They are massive in the UK and I knew would appeal to the broad spectrum of people in our crew. I don’t even know how to describe this night as anything but AMAZING (I know, I know I massively overuse this word, especially when it comes to describing anything in NYC or Brooklyn but this really was AMAZING…)

To start with Output has the prime view of the Manhattan skyline from its beautiful roof terrace, It also has a bangin sound system, and to top it all off it had the Sankeys Ibiza vibe, and to be honest you don’t get club nights that often feel like a Sankeys Ibiza experience! Needless to say I was in my element, and the company that I was in just took this night all the way into my top 10 nights out. I heard some classic UK choonage from some jungle to some house and I also had one of my homies from Brighton out with us.

The following evening, post meal with ma, I had my first rehearsal with ‘Babeland’ an unofficial trio of females that randomly came together after a drunken conversation that shed light on our musical similarities. Extreme fun! We started working on a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with me’ and then went on to record a video on a rooftop in Brooklyn! But more about this when the video comes out. I will do a WHOLE post on the story. It’s a good one.

Stay Tuned!


Author: sunsetsoulsister

I sing I write Yogi Hire me!

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