Song / Album of the day – Chance The Rapper ACIDRAP


Completely random stumble on youtube and I don’t think I could ever listen to it not as a whole piece! 

After it’s discovery last night, I am already on my 3rd listen. 

It feels quite Kanye College Dropout – Thank god! I have missed this sub genre of Hip Hop SO much, Go Chance, you got a fan in me! Between all the beautiful vocal, brass, synth AND bass arrangements – with Chance himself citing Ye his biggest influence it is no wonder the intro is directly lifted from one of Kanye’s quieter drops intro ‘Freshman Adjustment’. Why not have a little knowledge flex on your intro? Bonus –  Twister also pops up a few tracks in! 

ACIDRAP has lots of techy Frank Ocean synth moments, it also is not entirely far away from Pharoahe Monch’s Desire album, finishing with some faint biggie notes lingering. It is no wonder i am L-L-Loving it!

Nice Nice Nice NICE! 

I have got my eyes firmly placed on Chance and am looking forward to hearing lots more shiz. 

Who said Hip Hop was dead?

I know Nas man, I hear ya, but you gotta keep the faith!  


Author: sunsetsoulsister

I sing I write Yogi Hire me!

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