Song of the day! Countdown to 2015. Don’t look back in Anger, Love.

I managed to sit still long enough today to watch a BBC Alba doc about Amy Winehouse. It saw her perform at some random Irish festival and showed a really cool interview where she spoke extremely freely.

It was amazing to hear her talking about all the greats like Sarah Vaughn, Monk, Ella, Kim Burrell and Carleen Anderson. Amy’s knowledge, sheer curiosity and wonder about music seemed infectious. I would have loved the chance to chill and chat with her. (Obv). She was listing off, literally, all of my faves.

Specifically Amy gushed around Carleen’s version of the Oasis track ‘Don’t look back in Anger’.

I owe Amy an thankyou for reminding me of this bangin cover. At the moment this track carries a heavy significance to lots of feelings.

Especially after such crazy times in 2013/2014.

Carleen really gives this track a different edge, and I LOVE IT. The story is moving and her choices are perfection.

I know lots of people around me have been feeling a bit unhinged the last couple of years, but since being back from NY my peeps vibes have changed! Everyone seems content and chilled after losing their shit for the last 18 months haha.

2015 is going to be the one! Oh YES. Get ready!

So all my loves, Don’t look back in Anger.

You hear me say?

Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

Author: sunsetsoulsister

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