Hometown Glory – April 15 – She-Nail

Spring is spinging, so let’s leap out of our warm snug boxes with our projects or business’ in tow.

We all tend to bear down in winter and either get our heads stuck into our latest interest or money maker,or we batten down the hatches and pray for sunshine.

(Or if you’re like me, you make like the birds and flee south 😉 )



I was lucky enough to reconnect with my beautiful friend Poppie this week. We met whilst moonlighting as croupiers, (or half croupiers – we didn’t work roulette too much) amongst a bunch of girls all hired to pretty up a dingy casino in Brighton.

Poppie ALWAYS had the most intricately designed manicure, and seeing as part of our training manual stated our nails and hair must be presentable, naturally Poppie took on the role of in house nail technician.

Since then Poppie has gone from strength to strength and now has a beautiful workspace on Queens Road (road that runs from the Clock Tower to the station) situated in the Dental Health Spa.

Poppie is a true Brighton girl. She has done her fair share of travelling about, but something we both could not stop gushing about it how much we love being back in Brighton, especially with Summer approaching (hopefully).

The people, the beach, the scenes and the support that you get from the community for going out on your own and trying to launch business’ or projects is always remarkable.

Love my nails, Love that it is SO central and I LOVE the variety and creativity that just oozes out of Pops.

All I said to her when I walked in was ‘wow wow wow’ at her gorgeous little space and ‘I am really into grey right now’ and she got to work on my talons and in no time at all I was werkin it.

20150422_134407 20150422_134429 20150422_134418 20150423_124413


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