#YOGIPOST – Last week’s Yama – Satya. Uh oh.. what did I do? YIKES

My week of Satya was an interesting one, I focused deeply on my inner voice and made some pretty big decisions based on those hearings. Once you actively start to listen some of the callings become impossible to ignore!

I quit my steady part time income job to allow time and space to divulge in the loudest of the vibes screaming from inside. Helping people. I was lucky enough to spend a few months working in a shop at the back end of Brighton that opened my eyes WIDE to the inconsistencies and fatalities of our society. Every day that I worked I came into close contact with all kinds of souls. Plenty of (legal) drug addicts, Homeless and the down and outs left by the system they had grown up in.

I am not going to go into the ins and outs of my opinions and ideas regarding our working society in this post but my position at the shop only strengthened my sense of Satya.

After every encounter I couldn’t help but feel that if I had the chance I could honestly help at least a few of these people so clearly lost and crying for help. I am not about to say that Yoga is the key to people returning to their feet, but Asana practise could probably start to show them the path towards light and love for themselves as well as for us, humanity, that had let them fall so far down.

I am terrified, and have no idea what this means for my life moving forwards but for the time being at least, if you need me you can find me in 1 of 4 places

Reading and studying Yogic Philosophies and trying my best to apply them to my every day life

On my mat learning about myself through Asana practise.

Cooking clean and healthy whole food based meals

Teaching my beautiful classes to my wondrous students.

4a) Seeking and finding new Yogi’s to pass on my findings to!

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