Vegas baby!

The highlight of this trip for me, geek that I am, was the bus ride there and back from LAX. I took the Greyhound (5 ish hours), which meant that I got to see the Desert, Mountains, Cacti and tings from the bus. It only cost $50 for both ways, so all in all an absolute bargain. I had a priceless view for the whole journey, AND I got to sit at the front.

(lol – My year10 self would be mortified at the above paragraph)

I stayed at The LinQ, a newish development on the strip and my room was lovely (and cheap), the complex that they have built around The LinQ is probably the nicest that I saw on the strip. The selection of bars and restaurants on The Promenade were the least dated and had a good variety of food and drinks etc etc. blah blah.

Another decent group of food and drink is the New York New York complex, I knew as soon I saw it there’d be good food there. A Burger from Shake Shack tempted me, but I am well and truly vegetarian now inside as I went in to order it, got in line and then just felt myself walk right back out again.

My first night there I got sucked into the madness and had a couple too many drinks, lost money on the slots, and did Karaoke (Beyonce – obv). All night I sought after good live music but all I could find was old man Americana or cheese charts. Gambling wasn’t super appealing to me after losing $40 Lickity split.

The next day, I made the most of my big hotel bed and TV and spent the morning horizontal watching South Park – After spending all that time in the shared room Hostel I was so happy to have my own bathroom, my own mirrors and my own space! Finally I could regain my true introvert leanings and not talk to anyone for a few days whilst in Vegas. And that is just what I did.

I ate some good food, saw some amazing street performances, watched the fountains and got fried in the desert heat.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed by Vegas vibes but the Strip is something to see in your life for sure, these Hotels and Casinos are masterpieces in lighting and architecture.

I didn’t hear any music I loved (i.e. hip-hop or soul or house) so that kind of ruined the buzz for me.

What was great though is the cheap hotel rooms! (Look out for the resort fees; they can trip you up if you aren’t aware of them.)


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