Song of the Day! – Chris Brown + Kendrick – Autumn Leaves

Yes, despite my feelings towards this supposed reformed character, I love this song. Mostly because of Kendrick who kills it on his verse….obv.

This does not mean I am excited for his new album drop, rather intrigued at who is going to pop up on the album.

I STILL don’t get why it is ok for him to be in my face all the time.

‘These Hoes aint Loyal’ is hardly a mark of redemption…

All this being said, I still must have played this track 100 times since discovering it 48hours ago.

Song of the day – Sunday Edition


Epidemic – Poisonous Love

I was linked to these guys through a very cool producer in NY ( ) 

I am a big fan of these guys and the album that this particular track is from resonates with me, I feel it has a foreign beggars (asylum speakers) vibe. 

Some nice Hip Hop for a Sunday Funday or a Sunday Bunday! Your choice! 

#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC – Days 17-24 PT- 2 – FINALE

Final days and words for my NYC Spring!

So following the monster of a party, where things got out of hand… as they always do in Borough mansion (and Id have it no other way – work hard, play hard!)

I woke up pretty bewildered at the state of my room, and also still pretty wobbly! So I was continuing the party mood into my fun Friday. I went to Manhattan, found my favourite shop (Scent Elate) bought the whole place, basically and then went on to explore the Lower East Side. I thought I had been to LES before, but upon arrival I knew for sure I hadn’t explored this part and man was a bummed that I only discovered such a cool hood as I was leaving! Lots and lots of cool cafes and boutiques, and will defo be exploring more of that end when I am back next time.

Then I got my nose pierced… I don’t know why I had been so set on having it done whilst in NY but it was D Day and I did it! It didn’t hurt (maybe it was the alcohol still in my system relaxing my nervous system or something haha) and the place I got it done could not have been more sanitary and helpful.

Venus body arts in LES, 5/5 across the board. Would highly recommend for any piercing needs or information.

Shortly after I got my nose pierced, the hangover set in and I started to die slowly. It was also ridiculously hot, and in my drunken state I decided to wear some crazy short shorts, which in the humid and hot light of day were not Manhattan appropriate. Nice one Alex!

But do not think that I could just go and die in my bed, oh no! This was also the day that Babeland were shooting their music video on a roof in Clinton hill. Yep, live singing and filming by sunset. The race was well and truly on.

The funny thing about this afternoon is how organized and on time I was, despite feeling a little worse for wear, and how disorganized the normally super organized member of the band was. She was not working to any kind of times this day, and didn’t even realize it! I was actually hurrying her along, and giving her assistance in her organization. Haha. I reveled in this one instance where I happened to be the organized one, I have to make the most of these situations because they are a rarity, that’s for sure!

It was definitely a bit manic and we were all worrying we weren’t going to get the shot, but we did in the end and with a little help from our friends we absolutely nailed it! I will 100% post the video and a more in depth post about it when it’s released.

To celebrate our excellent work, we went for dinner (eventually – after about 3 hours of ADD behavior mixed with excitement) and I had the best Fish and Chips of my life! Yes, in Brooklyn… I know! We went on a little walk to a restaurant called Mayfield. The food was brilliant, and it was pretty late too, don’t think we ate until midnight, but there was none of the end of day dregs @ Mayfield.

The next day was hot and sunny, and happened to be a Saturday so everyone play in Prospect Park! I love Prospect, and may even prefer it to Central Park. It seems greener, and more for the purpose of chilling over Central Park that I never found particularly chill friendly. Another added bonus was the little league teams having games all around the park. The little guys were so small it was ridiculously cute! The groups of mischievous 5year olds provided a world of entertainment for a few hours while the group of 20 something boys in our crew were happiest playing Frisbee and reminiscing on their own little league days. Bless ❤

Our Saturday rounded off with a party – Shock horror – to celebrate a housewarming in the group. We grilled, listened to Beyonce, Babeland sang a song for the attendees and I must have laughed for about 4 hours straight. Perfect Saturday!

The last thing to talk about is my Farewell dinner, and the good old knees-up we had into the wee hours. We ate the most incredible dinner at CHIMU and I think that may have been my favourite food of my whole trip. My first taste of ceviche and I am hooked, since being back in the UK I have been on a mission to find some ceviche like this particular one, but have yet to find anywhere that trumps it as of yet!

My final words can only be

Thankyou to the Borough mansion crew and everyone at Subway Management for making my last 6 weeks in Brooklyn some of the best weeks of my life!

So much love, fun and happiness! You guys sent me back to the UK with a refreshed sense of positivity, and I cannot wait to see you all again in Sept!


#25happyhealthydaysinNYC – Days 17-24 PT.1

Final days and words for my NYC Spring Visit!

This week was mental.

Everyone knew I was leaving NY so we took ample opportunity to do as much as possible. This included Burlesque at Macao – I didn’t win musical chairs this time, but came second! This time was so funny because the guy I was up against was super into ‘letting me win’ until he was super into winning himself! Males just can’t help their competitive natures sometimes, but that was AOK because I still got a free drink anyways from my favourite bartender in China Town! 😀

We continued our mini traditions by attending Karaoke at Branded Saloon the following evening. It was rather a last minute decision as we were all pretty hangin from the night before at Burlesque, but we still gave a bloody good craic and, of course, The Spice Girls got queued up and everything after that was good times!

I tried Brisket for the first time too, and have to say I am not a massive fan of heavy meat so such a rich serving of it was a bit too much for me. Another first out of the way though, so good job, Branded!

Then came my day at Coney Island. This included stellar company, really great food, and a major fulfillment with being back by the sea. Being from Brighton, a traditional English seaside town, I realized how much I took having fresh air and open space for granted whilst living in Brooklyn. My skin has noticed the difference since being back in Brighton, gone are the random breakouts and patchy skin and back is the lovely sea air glow 😀

For my final Thursday in the states, it wouldn’t have been right if it weren’t ridiculously rushed and busy! Thursdays always seemed to be the day when I would be late for everything and rushing around like a blue arse fly, as my dad would say.

I had my final singing lesson with the ridiculously talented Angel Lea, and also my final Jazz class with the New York Jazz academy. Both of these lessons were incredibly insightful, and allowed me to leave NY with a refreshed sense of drive and determination. The first of the 2 lessons very much reminded me that you can never stop improving the foundations of singing, and the latter gave me a shock to the system in the form of theory based singing. It has been a while since I have worked out chord types, and clapped out rhythms. Back to the Music Theory drawing board for Alex then!

To relieve the stress of the day, the only thing to do was… have a party! So that evening was full of music, beer pong, dancing and madness the only way 74 Cornelia knows how! Another member of the crew was going back to Spain so this was his night. Bushwick really does know how to throw it down and shake it out!

In Part 2 of my last week I will be talking about the music video filming, getting my nose pierced, and my farewell weekend/dinner madness!

#25happyhealthydaysinnyc Days 11-16 pt. 2- My Double Life

Although my days were activity packed whilst my family was in the city, my nights were even more so!

So on day 13 I had suggested to everyone in the mansion that we go to Output in Williamsburg because Rudimental were playing a DJ set. They are massive in the UK and I knew would appeal to the broad spectrum of people in our crew. I don’t even know how to describe this night as anything but AMAZING (I know, I know I massively overuse this word, especially when it comes to describing anything in NYC or Brooklyn but this really was AMAZING…)

To start with Output has the prime view of the Manhattan skyline from its beautiful roof terrace, It also has a bangin sound system, and to top it all off it had the Sankeys Ibiza vibe, and to be honest you don’t get club nights that often feel like a Sankeys Ibiza experience! Needless to say I was in my element, and the company that I was in just took this night all the way into my top 10 nights out. I heard some classic UK choonage from some jungle to some house and I also had one of my homies from Brighton out with us.

The following evening, post meal with ma, I had my first rehearsal with ‘Babeland’ an unofficial trio of females that randomly came together after a drunken conversation that shed light on our musical similarities. Extreme fun! We started working on a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with me’ and then went on to record a video on a rooftop in Brooklyn! But more about this when the video comes out. I will do a WHOLE post on the story. It’s a good one.

Stay Tuned!

#25happyhealthtdaysinnyc – Days 11-16 Pt 1- Family stylings

So seeing as I am pretty behind with my posting I am going to summarise my days rather than post however many posts where I will probably waffle loads!

So let’s see if I can summarize efficiently whilst maintaining the all-important Goss.

My family were over (mum, stepdad, little sissy) on a business trip to exhibit for eBook Partnership at Book Expo, and that went pretty successfully for them so that is fab.

I also got to spend some wicked time with my sissy taking her around some of my favourite spots. I ate a fabulous soup from the Hearty soup place in Chelsea Market that was SO GOOD. It was an Italian concoction that tasted like spaghetti bolognaise but was in a chunky soup form. Lush! My sissy also enjoyed all of the fabulous bakeries and cookie places; a sweet tooth definitely runs in the family!

We then climbed the stairs to the Highline, which for those of you who are not familiar, is an abandoned train line running along the west side of Manhattan that turned into a promenade and a super green garden. My sissy and I managed to pick the perfect day for an ice lolly AND we also got some tanning time in.

Although my family was only around for 4/5 days we did manage to pack in some pretty impressive things! I managed to get my mummy all to myself for a dinner @ 5 Napkin Burger on the Upper West Side, the John Legend Concert in Brooklyn @ BAM, and I won orchestra seats to The Book of Mormon just hours before my mum had to get her flight! Absolute charmed weekend.

Book of Mormon was obviously hilarious and John Legend is an absolute professional and I loved his setup. The All of Me tour is a stripped back acoustic show, and he really was in his element. Learnt a few fun facts about his life and career, all of which were so inspiring.

Despite my initial annoyance at having to go to Times Square all the time to meet them, I ended up eating my words and loving having them there every second.

#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC – Days 9/10 – Memorial Day weekend part 2!

I started this extremely sunny Sunday with excellent intentions of a gym session. But walked halfway there and decided I didn’t want to do that and instead I wanted to go for Brunch!

Enter Sunshine Ravegirl Sister (still me- just with my little devil pulling the strings)

On my walk back I spotted ‘Gallery Bar’ on Broadway in Brooklyn had a great deal for Brunch for 25$. I got back to my place and was the butt of some laughter when it became clear Id abandoned the gym to eat and drink instead. Oh well, YOLO and all that.

Gallery Bar has a great back patio and I managed to sit and chill in the sun there for a good few hours, and I am sure my waiter gave me unlimited mimosas for more than an hour… Ledge! I ate a very lovely omelet (didn’t take a picture- Think I may have started drinking before eating so all normal thoughts of blogging my activity went out of the window in favour of just ‘being’) and the service was excellent. Hidden gem right there!

Whilst I was occupying said patio I received a lot of Snapchats from back home as it was a bank holiday weekend so me and the girls were pretty much doing the same thing at the same time! It’s always fun to catch up with the girls and it’s at times like those that I think snapchat is one of THE best apps of recent years. Whilst being over here I’ve managed to share so much with so many people and I can keep up to date with all the goss back home. Win-win!

So after finishing my book and having a little laugh at the author naming his naughty drunken part of his ego Alexandra, I decided it was time to move on. On my walk back to the mansion I decided (stupidly) to go shopping along Broadway at some of my favourite clothes shops like VIM and 10spot. Cheap funky clothing and alcohol are a bad mix! Although I did end up with 2 pairs of YOLO flip flops…

The drinking continued on the front porch at the mansion with a variety of people, then the cops showed up for some investigation they were carrying out (long story- nothing to do with me, I wasn’t THAT bad), and that was our cue to relocate for a while. Beer Pong followed and after that it is all a bit of a blur! I do know though, I am a gold medal champion at Beer Pong after at least 3 drinks, anything before that I absolutely suck.

The moral of Sunday was that sticking to one drink is not always a good thing…  when that drink is sparkling wine!

Monday (memorial day) started pretty early for me, tends to happen if I have had a heavy night on the vino the night before, I was still drunk off my ass until about 2/3pm and walking around in some crazy clothes that I decided looked good. It wasn’t until after a tactical nap that my brain returned and I decided I needed to get my life together as we were having an official memorial day weekend cook out in the backyard of the mansion!

The cookout was a roaring success with a ton of people, food and drinks! Perfect way to round off a fabulous weekend ❤ ImageImage

Song of the day!


So I am going to choose my favourite song from ‘Dave Chapelle’s Block Party’ to accompany my post for part 1 of memorial day weekend.

There is a fab part of the documentary where a guy states that you can’t come to Brooklyn without going on a roof!

Mission accomplished. 😀

Next I am going to find the Broken Angel house before I leave.

If you haven’t seen Dave Chapelle’s block party, you better cop that ASAP because it is one of the BEST music documentaries PERIOD!

#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC -Days 7/8 – Memorial Day weekend! Part 1

The calm before the Carnage!

My first experience of Memorial Day weekend was an absolute blast. What an awesome way to kick off the summer.

I thought I would bundle the days together as the weekend feels as though it was one party filled day!

Friday started super productive with a gym sesh, lots of writing (at my new favourite daytime haunt- Sky Town – Bushwick – Bangin teas and coffee and don’t even go there about the omelettes- dayum!) and catching up on things, so that was good vibes.

I also managed to sync up with my favourite Pisces sister and have an impromptu Facetime. It was one of those weird ‘right place right time’ moments as I only accidently called her but she called me right back and we both had time to have a good old natter.

Whilst I was having these good vibes I had the idea for a party for one of the housemates who’s moving out, so I put the word out and before I knew it a party was on our hands. Then, out of nowhere, my blues came and my vibes dropped so low that I wasn’t fun at all. Bummer! (Pretty sure it was my own fault for being such a coffee keeno that day in my productive state) Luckily it was a fairly low-key event with a few of the MVPs missing so I managed to duck fairly early. No muss no fuss as they say.

So Saturday I woke up refreshed and hungry! All I had eaten the day before was veggie stuff so I was feeling pretty reset in my body and wanted to continue the healthy vibes so I had some nuts for breakfast I think, and then went on to have a fresh green juice and sushi! Yum!Image

The problem with me is the earlier I eat the more calories I end up consuming throughout the day. Once I start eating I find it pretty hard to stop, Food is definitely an issue for me – but that is a post for another time for sure. That day I went on to eat too much cereal and ordered Indian food for dinner, with desserts AND rice (I never normally have rice – usually just have tandoori veg with the naan). Too much food for one person in one day.

Anyway, back to Saturday!

Mood wise I was ok, but not on top of the world, not sure why but I go through quite extreme ups and downs so I have learnt just to ride it out. It was probably the weather- it was pretty grey! Managed to chill on the porch and that always gets me back to feeling good. People watching on my block is always a trip. Such a diverse neighbourhood that there is always enough to keep me occupied being a nosy Rosie.

Luckily, life always gives you exactly what you need and upon my return from an unsuccessful trip to Staples in the pissing rain my housemate suggested a sunset session was in order. And not just any sunset session, we went on a rooftop! I was on a Rooftop, in Brooklyn, watching the sunset. YES! Defo something checked off my bucket list. The sky cleared up enough for the gorgeous sun to shine through onto the clouds and we saw some pretty interesting shapes and colours.

Although my trip to staples was unsuccessful I did manage to get pretty lost on my travels from Halsey st to Greenpoint and along the way I saw all the phat Graf around the Morgan Ave L stop. So all was not lost, at first I was pretty annoyed that I was so lost but then the rain stopped and I was surrounded by very cool artwork. Life is pretty amazing sometimes!