A whole day just for us, shucks

It does for sure suck that we have to have a dedicated day to raise awareness that women are human beings but hey hoes let’s get a bit more positive shall we?


Here is my playlist celebrating some classic boob having humans.

In all seriousness, I do want to thank all of the women in my life from the bids to the babes! Thankyou for  supporting and uplifting me emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically.

There is always something to be taken from human encounter but if, when we are interacting, fellow women, we can give each other just a little bit more kindness than may strike necessary at first sooner or later we will be AN ALL POWERFUL FORCE TO TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE.


I finally saw it… AMY. 10ish thoughts/learnings from watching the Doc.

I have no idea where to start. An experience of extreme dualities that’s for sure.

1.a Great and moving to see some old school footage of Amy, family days, youth orchestra days, being goofy with friends etc etc

b. Not so sure about the clips. seeing as she had no say in what the clips were used for.

2. a. Warmed my heart to hear interviews with her nearest and dearest i.e her 2 best friends from way back exclaiming their love and admiration for Amy and her endeavours. 

b. The blame that was subtly laid on a few’s backs through these interviews wasn’t so nice to see.

3.a Super inspiring to me as a singer and songwriter her confidence and love in the craft. 

b. how quickly the music industry and culture can turn a bright spark into an addict of unsavoury substances.

4a. Love is beautiful, powerful, inspiring and far reaching. 

b. Love can be manipulated into accompanying misery in the name of solidarity.

5.a All families have a past. 

b. People that live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones i.e if anyone’s family past get’s into the hands of filmmakers there is always blame to lay, just depends on which way the slant leans.

6.a Crack is wack 

b. Crack is still wack… Stop with the comeback y’all, in the past month I have heard it mentioned way too lightly way too often. Brighton needs some TLC on the whole. Cocaine will get boring eventually everyone!

7a. Heartbreak can be a beautiful thing that can benefit mankind.

b. If something has such a positive impact broken, why try to put it all back together again? Amy cut herself too deep trying to mend herself and Blake back together.

8a. The media are OUT OF CONTROL. 

b. They must be stopped. Where are the privacy laws?! Where are the people fighting to keep safety first! Who are these rats who can stand by and mock the mentally unwell into a ‘money shot’ for the disgusting Murchocian media.

I love her all the more after getting an insight into her personality and surroundings. I know she was a drug addict, and I know she was an alcoholic, I know she smoked weed and I know she was reckless with her commitments and time. I do believe everyone around her tried to save her as best they could, and I do believe that both of her parents wanted the best for her. From the documentary it seemed like she had suffered too much damage in a short space of time that she was always going to be a young departure, but I do believe that there is more to this particular story. Too much money flying around the place for it to be mess-free I’m afraid!

I remember where I was when I heard, it was my mum’s birthday and we are both massive fans. I cried and still cry about the sadness of her passing, and believe she had a ton more to give if only she would have pulled through her twenties. 

Grateful is not the word, I am honoured to have existed at the same time as her. Everything I have learned from her fall I will take forward with me and keep keeping an eye on my nearest and dearest as best I can. 

p.s Thankyou Amy Winehouse for your truth, beauty, perspective, heart and art! 

Song of the day! (Esperenza Spalding)

‘Love me or leave me but please don’t deceive me
And say you love me how I am
You love the way I fit some ideal
Not the real woman you’ve yet to understand
See love ain’t all heaven, and I am no angel
But I do the best I can

You always wanted something more from my body
And said you needed something more from my loving
But all you got was me and that’s all that I can be
I’m sorry if it let you down’

Love her…

My Soul Sisters – Pisces Sunset Sister

After seeing ‘The other woman’ I got to thinking about my friends and how lucky I am to have such an amazing circle of strong, independent and intelligent female friends! Not to mention adventurous!

I am going to dedicate a series of posts to explaining why I admire each of them, and what makes this specific group of women so interesting!

Up first…Pisces Sunset Sister

me n chan ushuaiaThis lady and I have actually known each other since Infant school (I don’t want to say 20 years but it’s close!) We have always had one of those weird connections, and always seemed to appear in each other’s lives at random but perfect times. Even when we had no idea we were close to each other we were still right there (Literally we lived a street apart at a time when we weren’t so close and had no idea until a while after!).

She is so amazing because she maintains a level of class like no other and works like a trooper. For a few years now she has been working her way up the ranks of the oldest premier ‘members only’ establishment in London (Beyonce regularly visits there when in the UK, along with royalty and the BRIT awards also had their official after party there earlier on this year too), and stuck out the savage savage SAVAGE commute with the idiotic National Rail service in the UK.

Pisces sister is truly an Independent woman, and I admire her courage in taking such a big leap initially in taking a job so far away from Brighton in every sense, and also for sticking it out and riding through the grind that puts most people I know to shame! Continue reading “My Soul Sisters – Pisces Sunset Sister”