*Entrepreneurial Inspiration!* Ryan Leslie. Hot off MIDEM.

This interview is truly something to be aware of if you are looking to go INDIE in any area of business.

Each penny is important and bringing back real life gratitude and prowess counts for a lot.

Easy to forget in our ever enclosing world!

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Life Lessons @ 25

Lessons I’ve learnt/ am trying to learn.

1. Fortune favours the Brave.


2. Patience is ALWAYS necessary, even when you think you don’t have time, You do!

3. E-nough of the bullshit excuses. If you want to do something do it, if you don’t, don’t. If you are late, be late and maybe give a short sentence as to why but don’t go on about it. No1 cares, what’s done is done. Build from the ground up if you’ve made a mistake or fucked something up, don’t keep on about it, I know you may think that by this excessive explanation it shows that you really are remorseful but all you’re doing is wasting further time, energy and USING TOO MANY WORDS. giphy

4. Stop talking. All.the.time. i struggle with this one and find I either use way too little words and love to go for as long as possible without talking or I can’t stop! I’ve found the joy in losing myself in what another person is saying rather than trying to figure out my response before they stop talking. It always surprises me that if I halt my preperation and hang on in there for a few more sentences more often than not my response or understanding of the conversation moves into a whole other place!

5. ‘You don’t have to believe everything you think.
We’ve been programmed. Wake up, we miss you. – Erykah Badu.

Do not be precious over your thoughts or feelings, and also don’t be too attached to who you think you are or what your qualities consist of. There are no limits to whom you could be and you are who you think you are! Right now you may feel like you are someone who isn’t very good at meeting new people or being brave but if you just do it, you never know you could be bloody brilliant!

6. Remember that everything is perfect even when it may not initially seem that way. Me and my friend Sophie have been on this ‘It’s fine’ flex for a couple of years now. We say at the end of everything, ‘but it’s fine though’ BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS. There isn’t much that isn’t actually fine if you just get over yourself and stop letting your emotions make you their bitch.


7. Share your gifts!

Poetry/ Music / Writing are my special interests and only I have my experiences so why not pass them along, they may help someone else believe in themselves.

Yikes, I have gone on a bit haven’t I! Oops, oh well.

Here is a random little poem I wrote at the end of last year.




I am trying

to establish

some routine.


can trust all

will be



For I entrust oneself

a brand new scheme

wherby I,

allow myself

to work at my dream.