Hometown Glory – FRNZ



I haven’t hung with Freddie in many years, and back in the college days he was my best friend’s best friend. Many a summer’s afternoon was spent chilling in whatever park was closest to us bunking off all dayyy just chattin shit and listening to music. Freddie was part of the group of sparks that ignited my love for Hip Hop, music and peaceful living.

I’ve bumped into him a few times over the years and always chatted for absolutely ages. He loved a good catch up and was always super engaged in all kinds of people and ideas. We compared notes on living with partners (his was always glowing…<3) and bullshitted about those careless days when all we were dodging was shit from teachers or parents.

I am making his music part of my regular rotation, and would love for as many people as possible to hear Freddie’s fruit of labour.

An absolute tragedy that one of the good ones was taken far too early.

My deepest sympathies and all of my love to the families.

J Dee has found his right hand man up there!

My saddest sympathies are also with Dan’s family and friends. Far too tragic.