Here I go again on my own…(Hollywood)

Having no distractions or phone or Internet or family or friends or dogs or cats etc etc lead to my creative brain waking up and going into overload!

This is why I love to travel, especially alone.

Lyrics, melodies and observations came flooding out of me. Furiously I scribbled about love, music, life and dreams that I had forgotten all about. Most of the scratch was free writing and wouldn’t make a whole load of sense to anyone. What started as lists and aims ended with damning realizations regarding the cloud I had allowed myself to live under. This cloud is what lead me to this point. I felt the only out was to escape on a plane.

I am obsessed with notepads and little books for this very purpose. Once you start writing, releasing the expression of your soul, all of a sudden you know why you have been feeling this or feeling that. You have to find ways to look in the mirror that doesn’t focus on reflecting.

I had to have many words with myself on that plane journey. The chat went from cursing out my knee jerk escapism to comforting my inner child that was, truthfully, just scared of what was on the other side.

The West side.


Before that though, Harassment by Airport security!


‘This is not your home’ – They literally love saying that.


Planet Earth is my home and the last time I checked LA was hangin on in there like the rest of us.

#YogiPost Ahimsa – CHECK. Satya – Here we go…

Last week I kept Ahimsa in mind a lot more than I initially thought I would.

I noticed just by observing others and myself day to day that the internal narration that CONSTANTLY runs my mind started to soften. Tone wise. I realise that the default tone of voice in my head towards myself is preettyyyy aggressive. After all these years of Yoga and travelling and general fun stuff how can my Self still be running the show this way?

Despite all of the inner tellings off I gave myself from both sides of the crazy fence, External stuff started to subside. I am not giving myself such a hard time about what eat and am trusting my inner discernment. I also noticed that my patience with people and life in general improved this week and generally it was a week where I felt comfortable in ‘levelling down’ instead of intensely striving for that ‘level up’ feeling.

my music of the week.  Don't understand the language but I trust that it's saying something!
my music of the week.
Don’t understand the language but I trust that it’s saying something!

I am always anti physical violence, but feel so much more comfortable in expressing that notion as we are now moving into ….

Now… Satya – Truthfulness

This one, to me, feels like it will be easier. (which probably means, I have no idea what I am talking about haha).

I only say this as I have always been hyper sensitive to participating in things that do not line up with my Dharma or my purpose. I am not someone who believes in the whole ‘non quitting’ thing. If something feels bad or wrong or at opposition to the inner voice get out of there man!

Most recently a change I have implemented out of nowhere is becoming a vegetarian. It slowly came about in the last year completely naturally just from me listening to the inner voice. There are still some things for sure that I am having trouble clearing out, but I know that admitting these things goes a long way so I have hope for me yet!

For a much better explanation of Satya go here!



Philosophies spurned by Sun Burn Sleeplessness @ 5am

So I am just past the halfway point of my family holiday on the beautiful Island of Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands – Also home to another of my favourite Islands, Ibiza. I have just finished watching the sunrise after not being able to sleep because of a rookie self-inflicted ailment – Sunburn. The dreaded bloody sunburn that I vowed I would not get this year because my days of sun worshipping are over, or so I thought.

In my head I am a proper Hippy. I try to stay away from chemicals of any sort as much as possible, this includes sun cream – especially the generic Hawaiian tropic sun cream that is so readily available, despite it smelling like delight and sunshine. My solution to this problem was to stay out of the sunshine as much as possible, and for the first 3 days I was in and out and up and down and doing a pretty good job of keeping the burn at bay.

Then I went to the Beach.

The Beach at Cala En Porter is absolutely gorgeous, and lives up to all the Pinterest board pictures for sure. The water is so blue that you could easily check your face to see if you are wearing sunglasses that make everything look dialed up a notch colour-wise. La Playa is just the right size so it couldn’t get busy busy, and luckily is a mixture of Europeans and Brits so it is a world away from some of the tourist resorts I have visited over the years. Tourist resorts running with tribal tattoos and twat tans, beer in hand. But guess who now has a twat tan / sunburn?!


Bloody me and my stupid ideas of no sun cream on the beach, where everyone knows that a high level of tanning is inevitable. A combination of not much shade, cool breeze and refreshing ocean made a fabulous recipe for a very sore and slightly red back. This incident has taught me some valuable lessons :-

  1. Always trust your instincts.

Before I came away I had a niggling thought in my head to go to my local health shop (Infinity Foods, Brighton) to purchase the hemp based sun cream that I used a lot last year and the year before. Why I ignored my own sensibility? Because my crazy rationalization said that I didn’t need suncream because I wouldn’t get burnt. Nice one Brain, way to override yourself! My instinct did make my legs go to the health shop, but my brain ignored the sun cream section and went straight for the much. *rolls eyes* #standard


This is NOW obvious to me.

  1. Being up before sunrise really does have a certain Je ne ce quois about it in terms of creativity / productivity.

This morning I have nailed down some more verses to a track that has been on my mind a lot lately, but hadn’t quite found the time/mindframe/confidence to just bloody write something. I have written this article, caught up with a friend back in BK and caught a beaut sunrise. Everyday, Every second I am shown that everything happens for a reason, and although this cause of creativity and action has been particularly physically painful. I have for sure learnt my lesson not to play with the sun because she means what she says! She will burn you, and no she will not apologise!

Peace for you and your skin.

Hot bod is only ok internally de temps en temps 😉 


p.s I found this post about natural sunburn remedies. It is full of recipes and is very informative about why certain ingredients are so great at soothing scorched skin.