Alex and Andrew Parsegian first session JUNE 2015 BK, NYC

Another reason to love Greenhouse Holistic BK

I met this wonderful human being in Yoga class!

Great things will happen!


Express yoself! Love, Cella P.s + Tips that may or may not work… Ha ;P



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Opportunity Knocks.

Freedom in Open




10 Realistic tips from me to you.

(Musical / Singing / Creative / Freedom )

1. Eye contact whilst meeting and conversing. Trust me. I know it can be scary, but buckle up kid, life is terrifying!

2. Speak from a Smile.

3. Sing from a Smile (or at least an inner smile).

4. Listen to surroundings, that is all that is relevant.

5. If you feel that you should do something, Do it.

6. Push through anxieties for new experiences. Do not believe everything you think, but do pay attention to how you feel whilst contemplating said thought. You know if you know!

7. Push forwards! In every sense of the word. If you feel down and out, push forwards to the next step and focus only on that next step.

7a) ALSO Literally at Jam nights or Open mics or choir meetings or theatre rehearsals! Do it, If you are looking to catch an organiser’s eye do not be afraid to be a tad more in their face than you or I would naturally feel comfortable with. We all have extremely short attention spans nowadays so there could be a chance the organiser or MC has or will forget about you. Even if you know them personally!

8) Let go and kiss all of the frogs! It really doesn’t matter if ideas suck; Think of them as the frogs on your path to the Prince or Princess or whatever you’ll find at the end of your rainbow!

9) Sing/ Play/ Create/ everyday! One way or another.

10) Daily practise! < This guy!!!!

If you want to be kept in the loop with all of the great inspirational learnings and resources i find along my quest for freedom comment on this post and I will put you on a fwding list!


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Hometown Glory

Checkin in with my hometown talent!

Today I signed into my facebook page and was greeted by incredibly talented people.

The first is a guy I have known for a fair few years now from around Brighton. We share musical inclinations and I can always rely on him to book the best performers in my hometown of Brighton,UK.

He also runs an extremely successful hip-hop, funk and beats night (mid-week sensation!) called Donuts, I have written about it previously and never stop gushing about it. In a City like Brighton where Hip Hop is so revered and respected it was about time a night that honoured the work of Dilla and his influences took it’s rightful place under the station.

But I am writing about him here to share his own beats and creations!

The beats he makes are interesting and funky as hell. Check it fools!


Next up is a lovely lady whom I have only met a handful of times but we bonded pretty quickly over singing technique nerdiness and landlord beef!

This is one of her poems. It moved me instantly and even writing about it now I have chills. Never has there been a more important or influential time to use the arts and expression to try and make some waves in our scary and dangerous world.

And finally!

This is a gorgeously filmed video of The Charleston dancers of Brighton.

You guys did a great job in showing such a beautiful city filled with beautiful people full of love.

What I Eat in NYC …1

In light of my determination to post on here more I am trying out different styles of posting. So in this little experiment I am going to list a few of the places I have eaten at and give a little mini review, as oppose to a post for each establishment.

See, my NYC Brain really is in full effect now, alongside my normal attitude of working smarter, not harder I am now adopting speed on top of that. So hopefully my natural sloth like self can keep up.

Oh, I am going to start with the only place I can think of off the top of my head, but unfortunately not for great reasons. Ah well, gotta get the ball rolling somehow…

Ridgewood Eats, BK – All I have eaten from here, is a burger, sweet fries and some cake. The cake was bloody good – First time I tried red velvet and I have to say I don’t really know what all the hype is about, unless it was bad cake? It was a good texture and the flavours were all there but I guess I am just a chocolate fudge girl deep down. The Burger and fries were wet… Even after letting it air out for a while after opening the container. Imagine my dismay, I rarely eat a burger, especially from a takeout place! Service was good however, and for the cake being of a nice consistency and quality I will give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Bushwick’s Living Room, BK. – After my first session at my new Yoga Studio (LOOM) I stumbled upon this place on my way home. I had poached eggs with lots of salad and whole-wheat toast. It was LOVELY! So nice. My coffee cup was refilled without me even noticing and the server at the bar was so nice and friendly. I am learning that in New York/Brooklyn you have to take all of the great cheery service you can get, as not everyone feels that smiles are freely to be given. 5/5 for sure.

Soho Tiffin Junction, NYC (NYU area) – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE I HAVE DISCOVERED THUS FAR. OhMyDays I love it. Not super cheap for a lunch, but it did last me until the evening and gave me a nice part 2 later on. I am not really sure what I had, as I can’t remember the names and stuff but I would highly recommend anyone in the Greenwich/soho/nyu W4 area to go here. Then go again. I met the manager/owner of the place and he was so helpful and asked me what kinds of stuff I like and then built my food for me around that. Great service, excellent food and lots of people watching to be done around that area. 5/5 (but really, 10/5)