Hometown Glory – April 15 – She-Nail

Spring is spinging, so let’s leap out of our warm snug boxes with our projects or business’ in tow.

We all tend to bear down in winter and either get our heads stuck into our latest interest or money maker,or we batten down the hatches and pray for sunshine.

(Or if you’re like me, you make like the birds and flee south 😉 )



I was lucky enough to reconnect with my beautiful friend Poppie this week. We met whilst moonlighting as croupiers, (or half croupiers – we didn’t work roulette too much) amongst a bunch of girls all hired to pretty up a dingy casino in Brighton.

Poppie ALWAYS had the most intricately designed manicure, and seeing as part of our training manual stated our nails and hair must be presentable, naturally Poppie took on the role of in house nail technician.

Since then Poppie has gone from strength to strength and now has a beautiful workspace on Queens Road (road that runs from the Clock Tower to the station) situated in the Dental Health Spa.

Poppie is a true Brighton girl. She has done her fair share of travelling about, but something we both could not stop gushing about it how much we love being back in Brighton, especially with Summer approaching (hopefully).

The people, the beach, the scenes and the support that you get from the community for going out on your own and trying to launch business’ or projects is always remarkable.

Love my nails, Love that it is SO central and I LOVE the variety and creativity that just oozes out of Pops.

All I said to her when I walked in was ‘wow wow wow’ at her gorgeous little space and ‘I am really into grey right now’ and she got to work on my talons and in no time at all I was werkin it.

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Hometown Glory – FRNZ



I haven’t hung with Freddie in many years, and back in the college days he was my best friend’s best friend. Many a summer’s afternoon was spent chilling in whatever park was closest to us bunking off all dayyy just chattin shit and listening to music. Freddie was part of the group of sparks that ignited my love for Hip Hop, music and peaceful living.

I’ve bumped into him a few times over the years and always chatted for absolutely ages. He loved a good catch up and was always super engaged in all kinds of people and ideas. We compared notes on living with partners (his was always glowing…<3) and bullshitted about those careless days when all we were dodging was shit from teachers or parents.

I am making his music part of my regular rotation, and would love for as many people as possible to hear Freddie’s fruit of labour.

An absolute tragedy that one of the good ones was taken far too early.

My deepest sympathies and all of my love to the families.

J Dee has found his right hand man up there!

My saddest sympathies are also with Dan’s family and friends. Far too tragic.

Hometown Glory! Dec 15

So once again here I am innocently scrolling through facebook when I am hit in the face with AMAZINGNESS!


I introduce to you all, my extremely good friend,

Jai Cove

(I very nearly full named him just then but managed to stop myself – haha. If you want to know his full name, ask him – It is worth the ask, for sure)

He has been hard at work perfecting this gorgeous spiral staircase. I hope when he is rolling in it he will come to my house and pimp out my stairs like this!


Look at the talent behind this, absolute beauty. Jai also makes instruments!



Another nearest and dearest of mine is also smashing it playing for Experimental band LUO.


Check some of his youtube vids out too!


Not to mention all of us world travellers who are slowly coming back for Xmas from our various capades.

Singers, dancers, videographers, musicians… We’re all back!

6am JetLag life, lessons learnt + little random verse that fell

Long time no speak!

Being extremely wrapped up in NYC Life, I completely disregarded poor little sunsetsoulsister. My musical alter came along (Alexandra Blue) and stole all my attention away!


Although this means that no writing has been done in the blog sense, I have been writing lyrics and poetry… so all was not lost.

This stay in NY was extremely different from the first time around. Less focus was on fun and playtime ( in the standard sense of drinking and partying)  and most of my time was spent in my room writing lyrics and melodies ( my new kind of playtime 😀 ) or on the subway to jam nights, writing sessions or singing lessons. Harlem was where you could find me most of the time!

I got to play a few shows both supporting established acts as a Background artist and I performed a track I wrote with Namaste Humble at a random gig. What encouraged the most growth was vibin on stage at random jams and seeing what my improvisation chops were saying!


If any singers or musicians are reading this with an idea of going to NY to pursue music the best bit of advice I could give you as someone who is just finding their way is – Do not be afraid of Craigslist and Jam nights! Speak to everyone and be as open as possible. Also, know your limits and skill level. I went in thinking I was going to be miles behind everyone (I was behind most, obv, but not ALL) but because NY is so big and there are so many ‘scenes’ there is no need to be intimidated. There is always going to be someone behind you in their journey, and help them along just as you would appreciate a peer further on their path giving you a little nod in the right direction.

I did manage to get a couple of trips upstate in (hello winetasting!) , and of course went to some blinding gigs (Derrick Hodge and The Weeknd and loads of local bands) but my highlights have to be attending jam nights like The Lesson @ Arlene’s Grocery and Village Undergrounds jam/open mic on a monday. These are places that really are about nurturing and experimenting with your gift in a safe and fun. Other nights I really wanted to get to but didn’t manage were Tuesday nights @ Zinc and Wednesdays @ Williamsburg music centre. Hear nothing but great things about these 2 nights.


Halloween I semi experienced, (went out the night before, had my own crazy vibes that ended on a very hungover Halloween official day), I stayed on the couch with my housemate. We talked about life and watched Les Mis haha. The night following Halloween was Subway Management’s Mansion party so I, of course, turnt that place up until the Jello shots turned me down. I dressed as a Peace Warrior, basically I utilised the most prominent part of my wardrobe, camo print and face paint.


I got to take part in Thanksgiving (which was amazing, and FULL OF FOOD). Previously to that it dawned on me that Firework night in the UK may be my favourite non holiday. I really missed it this year, and was very disappointed there were no fireworks at the supposed British bonfire night celebrations!

in summary. NYC Part 2 was a great success!


Hometown Glory

Checkin in with my hometown talent!

Today I signed into my facebook page and was greeted by incredibly talented people.

The first is a guy I have known for a fair few years now from around Brighton. We share musical inclinations and I can always rely on him to book the best performers in my hometown of Brighton,UK.

He also runs an extremely successful hip-hop, funk and beats night (mid-week sensation!) called Donuts, I have written about it previously and never stop gushing about it. In a City like Brighton where Hip Hop is so revered and respected it was about time a night that honoured the work of Dilla and his influences took it’s rightful place under the station.

But I am writing about him here to share his own beats and creations!


The beats he makes are interesting and funky as hell. Check it fools!


Next up is a lovely lady whom I have only met a handful of times but we bonded pretty quickly over singing technique nerdiness and landlord beef!


This is one of her poems. It moved me instantly and even writing about it now I have chills. Never has there been a more important or influential time to use the arts and expression to try and make some waves in our scary and dangerous world.

And finally!

This is a gorgeously filmed video of The Charleston dancers of Brighton.

You guys did a great job in showing such a beautiful city filled with beautiful people full of love.


So I got a bit philosophical on Friday and this is what happened…

As I sit here in McCarren Park I can’t help but ponder life.

I am struggling with balancing ambition and my incessant need for new experiences with being in the here and now and present in the moment.

For instance today, it is a beautiful day and my plan was to go to yoga, then grocery shopping and then start some new work that a friend has introduced me to. So I walk the 30 minute walk to my new yoga studio (loom in Bushwick – review and yoga journal up soon!) and get there a bit early. For most people I would imagine that this is their ideal. For me being early always can put whatever I am early for in the ‘optional’ box in my head. Especially if the sun is shining and its mid September. Yoga is something I enjoy immensely, and at the moment it is important that I go as much as possible – My back is out of wack from a summer of dancing and adventures.

All this being said, and knowing how important it is long term for me to go, why did I not go? Why did I choose to sit in the sunshine for a few hours instead?

This is a consistent theme of my life and as I am reaching mid 20s (yes Tony, REACHING MID 20S. I am NOT nearly 30) I am trying to figure out where my priorities are at these days. I thought Yoga was a big priority, but it turns out that even that is subject to change depending on the weather?

I think it is because I am British, and when the sun is out in Brighton, UK you would think it is city of The Unemployed! Everyone flocks to the beach and the drinks flow until way past sunset – Mid week!

So anyway, back to how my day has rolled out (It is still only 1.30pm – My NYC Brain is in full effect, clearly). I’m in McCarren Park with the idea that I am going to go and be all Yogi in the Park and concentrate on being in the here and now, and all I have done is thought about things I would like to do in the future or aims I have for my time over here.

This is all very in line with my Piscean profile, I spend a lot of time in my own head idealizing life and pondering how great XYZ would be blah blah. So it is all positive thoughts and ideas and planning etc but how do I achieve any of these things if when it gets to it, the sun is out or my fickle fish self flows on by whatever I had planned.

Am I really doing things I want to do, or are they just things I have convinced myself that I want to do over my 24years?! OR Do I just have no discipline and follow through? OR am I ruled by my own expectations? I think that might be it.

The book I am reading at the moment is called The Power of Now and it’s by Eckhart Tole. I am so trying to practice with the thoughts in this book, and also building on the Tao of Pooh that I listened to as an audiobook sometime last year.

I suppose this is more of a shout out to anyone feeling philosophical at this changeover of season time for any advice.

Any ideas on how to get shit done whilst in keeping with being happy and present just the way everything is in the now?

My first idea would be to get a solid meditation routine in, but what if I do not feel like it one morning? Do I force it because I know it is good for me long-term OR go with my flow of that moment?


Peace peepsx20140907_125749_Adrian_Burn

Week 1 rundown of Brooklyn Life

Sunsetsoulsister is back in the BK just in time for summer to kick in. haha!

My summer was stellar and I could not be more grateful for all the amazing things the last few years has churned up, but now let’s get Fall happening, US Style! It looks as though it is going to be interesting!

So I am back in Bushwick with the BK fam and loving it. It was touch and go if I was even going to return for a while! I had China knocking at my door with an opportunity to sing over there, but for one reason or another that didn’t pan out so, lucky I had a Plan B in BK.

The initial period of this trip is very different to the last time. Last time I was with my brother, it was savage weather with snow and late blizzards and all that, and we did not know a soul. This time around it almost feels too easy!

In my first week back there have been dinners, many a hangout, beach trips and Karaoke, of course. It is so funny to me how much the Yanks love karaoke. In the UK it is like pulling teeth to get ANYONE to get excited about going to karaoke.

I used to work in a karaoke bar that just had private rooms and it was always so hilarious watching people come in who were absolutely dreading it – usually were in attendance by some sort of forceful office/Birthday/Hen+stag situation! By the end of the night 8/10 times these people would love it, and it always entertaining hearing all the stories upon their departure from the venue.

Basically my point is, when I get home in Dec UK people – Karaoke is HAPPENING!

Considering I spent the first 4/5days in a bit of a weird jet lag/ Super moon / summer hangover vibe it has been a very lovely and chilled chance for me to settle in.

I have visited Rockaways beach, Travelled upstate to The Catskills (I know UK peeps, I don’t get the name either…) and my local literally across the street from my new digs. Much fun has been had, and I am enjoying exploring all over again!

So I am going to try my best to keep on updating in between everything going on.

Peace y’all and Happy Fall!20140905_145127 (1) 20140905_150130 (1) 20140906_123317_Anne 20140906_123328_Anne (1) 20140906_123328_Anne 20140906_123550_Janine_Rose 20140906_141404_Anne 20140906_141407_Anne 20140906_141414_Harry 20140907_125749_Adrian_Burn 20140907_162613 (1) 20140912_113124 20140912_190615 20140912_192505 20140912_192524 (1) 20140912_193044 (1) 20140912_193054 (1) 20140912_193058 (1) 20140915_203227 20140915_203232 IMG_3831_Ian Screenshot_2014-09-12-00-02-09_Ian_Orange Screenshot_2014-09-12-00-02-22_Merissa_Devine Snapchat-20140911035848 Snapchat-20140911040822 Snapchat-20140911072354 Snapchat-20140911072527 Snapchat-20140912072322 Snapchat-20140912072334

Midweek Hip Hop fix

Calling all Hip Hop Heads!

If you are looking for a bangin mid-week dance opportunity then look no further than Donuts @ The Green Door store in Brighton on a Tuesday night.

This night has been running for a little while now, and I have been a big fan of the organiser’s spinnin for years at various nights around Brighton. He and a few other DJs from around the way have been holding the Hip Hop scene down, and I know I can always rely on them to provide the bumps wherever they go.

I love this night mostly because it pays homage to, imho, one of the most important producers of the last 20years, J Dilla.

Green Door is an interesting venue, and is a world away from the bullshit you can end up in if you’re not careful around Brighton now (Cough Cough – ANYWHERE ALONG THE BEACH.)  So it is doubly important we support our independent nights with more specialist music vibes.

If you’re looking for some Erykah, Jurassic 5, MJ, Biggie, Kendrick or just want some funky breaks and beats then head down to Green Door on a Tuesday and get your krump on.

There are even artists booked from time to time so be sure to like the Facebook page to keep up to date with any bookings going on. Most recent booking was Jonwayne and Kayranada has been known to pass through…





Being Back in the UK!

So now that I am officially back to my UK life, I will be posting about the goings on of Brighton and how I am keeping myself going until my next trip. My feet get way too itchy in these parts.

I am making the most of the sunsets, my Homies and Brighton in the summer! There really is no better place in the UK to be when it is warm.

Below are some pics from the last 3 weeks of being back, and I have to say I feel extremely lucky to be able to come back to such exciting times.

I am at Love Supreme festival this weekend (YAY- bonus my mum and my sister are coming too – not to mention my BRIT School Soul sister also camping there with her mum), then Shakedown festival, then a soul weekender down in Margate with my dad and brother, and then a lovely family holiday to Menorca!

That should keep me going until I return to Brooklyn in Sept!

I am also working on new music, back at regular yoga practice, and doing well working for eBook Partnership.

2014 rocks…