Hometown Glory!! Aug 2015 MIZZAY

This is a special post for my very good friend. Soph is extremely talented and her eye is next to none!

I have been lucky enough to call this lady one of my very best friends in the whole world for about 13years now!!

Not only is she an amazing photographer and person in general, she makes stunning documentaries about her travels and shares them with us to see!

Sophie is always positive, supportive and the life of the party.

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her at the other end of the phone whenever the time is right!

We are from the same town and speak the same language. She is the best


Soph –  Thankyou for ALWAYS being there and always being my number one fan!

I hope you know I am yours and look forward to working with you again in the future some time!


20140518_112139_Sophia_RadDay 1

So this is my new idea for a series of blog posts to document my last 25 days in the states for a while!

I named it HappyHealthy to incorporate mental health as well as physical health.

As someone who struggles with depression and being out here I have had no choice but to put myself under the microscope a bit. Being by myself has been an excellent opportunity to learn about me and has enabled me to look out for trigger points or patterns that send me down into a few days (used to be weeks would go by under the black cloud, with a few days of ‘up’ peppered in) under the black cloud.

Instead of it just being ‘Healthy’ which implies physical health and can lead to the start of obsessive unhealthy cycles for me, I decided to make the most of my time left here in the happiest way I see fit. Continue reading “#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC”

Downtown decadence

Thursdays are generally Manhattan based; I go to my mum’s office to pick up mail, I have my jazz lessons, I usually get juice or coffee and sometimes write in Central Park, and post jazz lesson I will sometimes walk along the Hudson and catch the sunset.

This past Thursday however, felt a little different. I felt like I wanted some good food, and my legs felt like they wanted to walk and explore. I seem to get this a lot when I go to Manhattan, I will have plans to do this and that but my legs always take control and get me lost. I don’t mind one bit.

So I started out at Broadway Lafayette. I know this area so I walked west pretty sharpish after checking out the Adidas store and some other spots XX.

I walked through the lovely and green West Village and stopped for an Omelette at Café Condensa. I had a red pepper, spinach and ham in my omelette and it came with potatoes, greens and some toast. Just what I was looking for, and enough fuel to keep me going for a few hours. Café Condensa is in such a nice spot for people watching, if you get a chance to look in there then I would highly recommend! Continue reading “Downtown decadence”