Downtown decadence

Thursdays are generally Manhattan based; I go to my mum’s office to pick up mail, I have my jazz lessons, I usually get juice or coffee and sometimes write in Central Park, and post jazz lesson I will sometimes walk along the Hudson and catch the sunset.

This past Thursday however, felt a little different. I felt like I wanted some good food, and my legs felt like they wanted to walk and explore. I seem to get this a lot when I go to Manhattan, I will have plans to do this and that but my legs always take control and get me lost. I don’t mind one bit.

So I started out at Broadway Lafayette. I know this area so I walked west pretty sharpish after checking out the Adidas store and some other spots XX.

I walked through the lovely and green West Village and stopped for an Omelette at Café Condensa. I had a red pepper, spinach and ham in my omelette and it came with potatoes, greens and some toast. Just what I was looking for, and enough fuel to keep me going for a few hours. Café Condensa is in such a nice spot for people watching, if you get a chance to look in there then I would highly recommend! Continue reading “Downtown decadence”