My Soul Sisters – Pisces Sunset Sister

After seeing ‘The other woman’ I got to thinking about my friends and how lucky I am to have such an amazing circle of strong, independent and intelligent female friends! Not to mention adventurous!

I am going to dedicate a series of posts to explaining why I admire each of them, and what makes this specific group of women so interesting!

Up first…Pisces Sunset Sister

me n chan ushuaiaThis lady and I have actually known each other since Infant school (I don’t want to say 20 years but it’s close!) We have always had one of those weird connections, and always seemed to appear in each other’s lives at random but perfect times. Even when we had no idea we were close to each other we were still right there (Literally we lived a street apart at a time when we weren’t so close and had no idea until a while after!).

She is so amazing because she maintains a level of class like no other and works like a trooper. For a few years now she has been working her way up the ranks of the oldest premier ‘members only’ establishment in London (Beyonce regularly visits there when in the UK, along with royalty and the BRIT awards also had their official after party there earlier on this year too), and stuck out the savage savage SAVAGE commute with the idiotic National Rail service in the UK.

Pisces sister is truly an Independent woman, and I admire her courage in taking such a big leap initially in taking a job so far away from Brighton in every sense, and also for sticking it out and riding through the grind that puts most people I know to shame! Continue reading “My Soul Sisters – Pisces Sunset Sister”