#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC -Days 7/8 – Memorial Day weekend! Part 1

The calm before the Carnage!

My first experience of Memorial Day weekend was an absolute blast. What an awesome way to kick off the summer.

I thought I would bundle the days together as the weekend feels as though it was one party filled day!

Friday started super productive with a gym sesh, lots of writing (at my new favourite daytime haunt- Sky Town – Bushwick – Bangin teas and coffee and don’t even go there about the omelettes- dayum!) and catching up on things, so that was good vibes.

I also managed to sync up with my favourite Pisces sister and have an impromptu Facetime. It was one of those weird ‘right place right time’ moments as I only accidently called her but she called me right back and we both had time to have a good old natter.

Whilst I was having these good vibes I had the idea for a party for one of the housemates who’s moving out, so I put the word out and before I knew it a party was on our hands. Then, out of nowhere, my blues came and my vibes dropped so low that I wasn’t fun at all. Bummer! (Pretty sure it was my own fault for being such a coffee keeno that day in my productive state) Luckily it was a fairly low-key event with a few of the MVPs missing so I managed to duck fairly early. No muss no fuss as they say.

So Saturday I woke up refreshed and hungry! All I had eaten the day before was veggie stuff so I was feeling pretty reset in my body and wanted to continue the healthy vibes so I had some nuts for breakfast I think, and then went on to have a fresh green juice and sushi! Yum!Image

The problem with me is the earlier I eat the more calories I end up consuming throughout the day. Once I start eating I find it pretty hard to stop, Food is definitely an issue for me – but that is a post for another time for sure. That day I went on to eat too much cereal and ordered Indian food for dinner, with desserts AND rice (I never normally have rice – usually just have tandoori veg with the naan). Too much food for one person in one day.

Anyway, back to Saturday!

Mood wise I was ok, but not on top of the world, not sure why but I go through quite extreme ups and downs so I have learnt just to ride it out. It was probably the weather- it was pretty grey! Managed to chill on the porch and that always gets me back to feeling good. People watching on my block is always a trip. Such a diverse neighbourhood that there is always enough to keep me occupied being a nosy Rosie.

Luckily, life always gives you exactly what you need and upon my return from an unsuccessful trip to Staples in the pissing rain my housemate suggested a sunset session was in order. And not just any sunset session, we went on a rooftop! I was on a Rooftop, in Brooklyn, watching the sunset. YES! Defo something checked off my bucket list. The sky cleared up enough for the gorgeous sun to shine through onto the clouds and we saw some pretty interesting shapes and colours.

Although my trip to staples was unsuccessful I did manage to get pretty lost on my travels from Halsey st to Greenpoint and along the way I saw all the phat Graf around the Morgan Ave L stop. So all was not lost, at first I was pretty annoyed that I was so lost but then the rain stopped and I was surrounded by very cool artwork. Life is pretty amazing sometimes!