Life Lessons @ 25

Lessons I’ve learnt/ am trying to learn.

1. Fortune favours the Brave.


2. Patience is ALWAYS necessary, even when you think you don’t have time, You do!

3. E-nough of the bullshit excuses. If you want to do something do it, if you don’t, don’t. If you are late, be late and maybe give a short sentence as to why but don’t go on about it. No1 cares, what’s done is done. Build from the ground up if you’ve made a mistake or fucked something up, don’t keep on about it, I know you may think that by this excessive explanation it shows that you really are remorseful but all you’re doing is wasting further time, energy and USING TOO MANY WORDS. giphy

4. Stop talking. All.the.time. i struggle with this one and find I either use way too little words and love to go for as long as possible without talking or I can’t stop! I’ve found the joy in losing myself in what another person is saying rather than trying to figure out my response before they stop talking. It always surprises me that if I halt my preperation and hang on in there for a few more sentences more often than not my response or understanding of the conversation moves into a whole other place!

5. ‘You don’t have to believe everything you think.
We’ve been programmed. Wake up, we miss you. – Erykah Badu.

Do not be precious over your thoughts or feelings, and also don’t be too attached to who you think you are or what your qualities consist of. There are no limits to whom you could be and you are who you think you are! Right now you may feel like you are someone who isn’t very good at meeting new people or being brave but if you just do it, you never know you could be bloody brilliant!

6. Remember that everything is perfect even when it may not initially seem that way. Me and my friend Sophie have been on this ‘It’s fine’ flex for a couple of years now. We say at the end of everything, ‘but it’s fine though’ BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS. There isn’t much that isn’t actually fine if you just get over yourself and stop letting your emotions make you their bitch.


7. Share your gifts!

Poetry/ Music / Writing are my special interests and only I have my experiences so why not pass them along, they may help someone else believe in themselves.

Yikes, I have gone on a bit haven’t I! Oops, oh well.

Here is a random little poem I wrote at the end of last year.




I am trying

to establish

some routine.


can trust all

will be



For I entrust oneself

a brand new scheme

wherby I,

allow myself

to work at my dream.


6am JetLag life, lessons learnt + little random verse that fell

Long time no speak!

Being extremely wrapped up in NYC Life, I completely disregarded poor little sunsetsoulsister. My musical alter came along (Alexandra Blue) and stole all my attention away!


Although this means that no writing has been done in the blog sense, I have been writing lyrics and poetry… so all was not lost.

This stay in NY was extremely different from the first time around. Less focus was on fun and playtime ( in the standard sense of drinking and partying)  and most of my time was spent in my room writing lyrics and melodies ( my new kind of playtime 😀 ) or on the subway to jam nights, writing sessions or singing lessons. Harlem was where you could find me most of the time!

I got to play a few shows both supporting established acts as a Background artist and I performed a track I wrote with Namaste Humble at a random gig. What encouraged the most growth was vibin on stage at random jams and seeing what my improvisation chops were saying!


If any singers or musicians are reading this with an idea of going to NY to pursue music the best bit of advice I could give you as someone who is just finding their way is – Do not be afraid of Craigslist and Jam nights! Speak to everyone and be as open as possible. Also, know your limits and skill level. I went in thinking I was going to be miles behind everyone (I was behind most, obv, but not ALL) but because NY is so big and there are so many ‘scenes’ there is no need to be intimidated. There is always going to be someone behind you in their journey, and help them along just as you would appreciate a peer further on their path giving you a little nod in the right direction.

I did manage to get a couple of trips upstate in (hello winetasting!) , and of course went to some blinding gigs (Derrick Hodge and The Weeknd and loads of local bands) but my highlights have to be attending jam nights like The Lesson @ Arlene’s Grocery and Village Undergrounds jam/open mic on a monday. These are places that really are about nurturing and experimenting with your gift in a safe and fun. Other nights I really wanted to get to but didn’t manage were Tuesday nights @ Zinc and Wednesdays @ Williamsburg music centre. Hear nothing but great things about these 2 nights.


Halloween I semi experienced, (went out the night before, had my own crazy vibes that ended on a very hungover Halloween official day), I stayed on the couch with my housemate. We talked about life and watched Les Mis haha. The night following Halloween was Subway Management’s Mansion party so I, of course, turnt that place up until the Jello shots turned me down. I dressed as a Peace Warrior, basically I utilised the most prominent part of my wardrobe, camo print and face paint.


I got to take part in Thanksgiving (which was amazing, and FULL OF FOOD). Previously to that it dawned on me that Firework night in the UK may be my favourite non holiday. I really missed it this year, and was very disappointed there were no fireworks at the supposed British bonfire night celebrations!

in summary. NYC Part 2 was a great success!


Philosophies spurned by Sun Burn Sleeplessness @ 5am

So I am just past the halfway point of my family holiday on the beautiful Island of Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands – Also home to another of my favourite Islands, Ibiza. I have just finished watching the sunrise after not being able to sleep because of a rookie self-inflicted ailment – Sunburn. The dreaded bloody sunburn that I vowed I would not get this year because my days of sun worshipping are over, or so I thought.

In my head I am a proper Hippy. I try to stay away from chemicals of any sort as much as possible, this includes sun cream – especially the generic Hawaiian tropic sun cream that is so readily available, despite it smelling like delight and sunshine. My solution to this problem was to stay out of the sunshine as much as possible, and for the first 3 days I was in and out and up and down and doing a pretty good job of keeping the burn at bay.

Then I went to the Beach.

The Beach at Cala En Porter is absolutely gorgeous, and lives up to all the Pinterest board pictures for sure. The water is so blue that you could easily check your face to see if you are wearing sunglasses that make everything look dialed up a notch colour-wise. La Playa is just the right size so it couldn’t get busy busy, and luckily is a mixture of Europeans and Brits so it is a world away from some of the tourist resorts I have visited over the years. Tourist resorts running with tribal tattoos and twat tans, beer in hand. But guess who now has a twat tan / sunburn?!


Bloody me and my stupid ideas of no sun cream on the beach, where everyone knows that a high level of tanning is inevitable. A combination of not much shade, cool breeze and refreshing ocean made a fabulous recipe for a very sore and slightly red back. This incident has taught me some valuable lessons :-

  1. Always trust your instincts.

Before I came away I had a niggling thought in my head to go to my local health shop (Infinity Foods, Brighton) to purchase the hemp based sun cream that I used a lot last year and the year before. Why I ignored my own sensibility? Because my crazy rationalization said that I didn’t need suncream because I wouldn’t get burnt. Nice one Brain, way to override yourself! My instinct did make my legs go to the health shop, but my brain ignored the sun cream section and went straight for the much. *rolls eyes* #standard


This is NOW obvious to me.

  1. Being up before sunrise really does have a certain Je ne ce quois about it in terms of creativity / productivity.

This morning I have nailed down some more verses to a track that has been on my mind a lot lately, but hadn’t quite found the time/mindframe/confidence to just bloody write something. I have written this article, caught up with a friend back in BK and caught a beaut sunrise. Everyday, Every second I am shown that everything happens for a reason, and although this cause of creativity and action has been particularly physically painful. I have for sure learnt my lesson not to play with the sun because she means what she says! She will burn you, and no she will not apologise!

Peace for you and your skin.

Hot bod is only ok internally de temps en temps 😉 


p.s I found this post about natural sunburn remedies. It is full of recipes and is very informative about why certain ingredients are so great at soothing scorched skin.