#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC Day 3!

Day 3- Meatball Monday

Today I decided to stop planning out  my last 3 weeks in anticipation of my time here never ending, and just roll with whatever happens.

20140519_193432_SophiaAs per usual, I came to this conclusion whilst chillin’ on the porch with my housemate. I planned on visiting the gym and not eating white carbs and sugar until Friday, to give my body a bit of a break after the ice cream and cookies of the weekend! So although I didn’t make my cardio at the gym, I did make yoga (with my favourite sub teacher too! – I think she is magic, I always feel super aligned after her classes) and I did walk a lot around Bushwick.

Food wise- I did have green juice and salad, but did end up joining my housemate’s famous meatballs and spaghetti evening. Continue reading “#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC Day 3!”

The Meatball Shop

meatballSo right by Bedford Ave subway is the super cool ‘The Meatball Shop’, dubbed Meat Bawwllaz by me and my brother (who sadly 😦 made the trip back to Brighton, UK last week). In his honor I thought I would start a new theme of posts reviewing food places in a non-review way.

In order for a place to appeal to me it has to hit 3 marks:

  1. Great salad options (organic + non GMO = HUGE bonus’ – You’ll probably be able to get me to leave)
  2. Good music to eat to (To me that is Hip Hop / RnB / Soul / Loungey house / and anything that isn’t overbearing electronic/ Industrial sounding music or anything too electric guitar heavy)
  3. Staff with light attitudes. What I mean by this is: A smile wouldn’t kill you. I know in NYC it is super busy and I know how stressful waitressing can be (I am a terrible waitress – not unlike Rachel from Friends when she works at Central Perk but probably worse as my short term memory is terrible), but nothing is worse than feeling like as if you are a pain in the arse because you want to order some drinks or food from a waiter/ess that has better things to do seemingly.

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