AirBnb, Kundalini Yoga and a food chain I can get down with!

Luckily, my driver was the nicest guy ever so by the time I arrived at my AirBnB (or Air RnB as my mum loves to call it – lol) all was good.

Room, Host and Bed was A*. I would highly recommend Kym and her place if you are in the area. I think the area is worth a couple of days but I was feeling the beach so I kept it movin.

Hollywood isn’t pedestrian friendly, and walking around the neighborhood wasn’t very pleasant. I am all about feet as transport and whilst there are sidewalks, the number of cars speeding past you is quite unnerving. Energy from the constant traffic is a bit whoa.

A massive up to my time spent in Hollywood is that I got to connect with one of my mum’s school friends, Amanda. Amanda moved to LA at my age and never looked back. She is mad successful and has her own salons in LA and Mexico. Go Girl! (Needless to say – hair was lush)

Amanda introduced me to Kundalini Yoga taught by Tej, the very real and grounding guide at Nine Treasures Yoga. Situated in a Martial Arts studio, so sitting on the floor for 2 hours was made lovely and childlike by the heavily spring floor.

2015-05-27 01.50.26

Kundalini is something I’ve had mild experience with. Lauren Fecarotta at Greenhouse Holistic in Brooklyn sometimes started her classes with some very interesting kundalini inspired flows. These were the classes that really pushed my practice forward.

I once had mad courage with a handstand and held it for a few seconds! One of the first yogi handstands I had tried had been projected forward by this energy that I put down to those few starting intentions.

In Tej’s classes we chanted a lot, which felt amazing to project my voice in such a safe and inclusive environment. We also had discussions of how to help others and dedicated many of our meditations and chants to people outside of the room. Some were friends and family of my classmates which I thought was lovely.

These classes gave me a new perspective on my practise. I am looking to expand my Yoga practise beyond the physical workout element and move it towards an opening exercise. Opening of my joints and energetic pathways and also for my mind. It was extremely informative being part of such an experience that differs from my regular practise, and threw up all sorts of mind responses. I was faced with my impatience, my judgements, and dispassion for some of the stories I was told. Back to practising mental peace for me then… Where did I put my copy of Power of Now??? truth

Anyway, cut back to Hollywood. I had some amazing food at The Veggie Grill, which I think could be a chain in California. I had the Bombay Bowl and it was amazing! All the veggies I could have asked for with a gorge coconut milk sauce. Lush lush lush.

Defo visit if you are in the LA area, but make sure you drive! It was nice to walk around the immediate neighborhood I was staying in to look at all the cool cars and houses. To buy a house in this leafy neighbourhood was anything from £1mil upwards!

I couldn’t wait to get down to the beach and away from breathing in car fumes. All I had to do was decide on a Hostel and grab some Trader Joe goodies for my transition from Bottom of the Hills to edge of the sea!