Alex and Andrew Parsegian first session JUNE 2015 BK, NYC

Another reason to love Greenhouse Holistic BK

I met this wonderful human being in Yoga class!

Great things will happen!


Express yoself! Love, Cella P.s + Tips that may or may not work… Ha ;P



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Opportunity Knocks.

Freedom in Open




10 Realistic tips from me to you.

(Musical / Singing / Creative / Freedom )

1. Eye contact whilst meeting and conversing. Trust me. I know it can be scary, but buckle up kid, life is terrifying!

2. Speak from a Smile.

3. Sing from a Smile (or at least an inner smile).

4. Listen to surroundings, that is all that is relevant.

5. If you feel that you should do something, Do it.

6. Push through anxieties for new experiences. Do not believe everything you think, but do pay attention to how you feel whilst contemplating said thought. You know if you know!

7. Push forwards! In every sense of the word. If you feel down and out, push forwards to the next step and focus only on that next step.

7a) ALSO Literally at Jam nights or Open mics or choir meetings or theatre rehearsals! Do it, If you are looking to catch an organiser’s eye do not be afraid to be a tad more in their face than you or I would naturally feel comfortable with. We all have extremely short attention spans nowadays so there could be a chance the organiser or MC has or will forget about you. Even if you know them personally!

8) Let go and kiss all of the frogs! It really doesn’t matter if ideas suck; Think of them as the frogs on your path to the Prince or Princess or whatever you’ll find at the end of your rainbow!

9) Sing/ Play/ Create/ everyday! One way or another.

10) Daily practise! < This guy!!!!

If you want to be kept in the loop with all of the great inspirational learnings and resources i find along my quest for freedom comment on this post and I will put you on a fwding list!


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#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC – Day6

The weird energy was at it’s peak today!

My mood was very up in the morning and then I got all the way to the Gym and realized I had forgotten my pass, and my purse so couldn’t get a coffee. I really needed that coffee after such a disrupted sleep the night before. There was a crazy loud and big storm that actually scared me a bit, but when I asked my housemates about it in the morning, no one else had heard it.

That is the second time that has happened to me since living in the mansion, I can’t work out if it is because I am a light sleeper, or my dreams are being crazy!

Needless to say to anyone that knows me, along with being a bit tired, and annoyed at my terrible memory this sent my mood plummeting. I skyped my mum and stepdad about some EBP related stuff and mum instantly enquired why I looked so glum. I really appreciated her subtly trying to poke me back into happiness by asking about D’angelo, and it did work a little bit. However, I was still a little worried at how this would affect my day unfolding, as I had a very musical day where I needed my confidence and brain to be on top form!

Remembering an article that I had read previously stating that eggs are great for boosting serotonin levels, I concluded that I would find some wifi, green tea and an omelette and do something productive to boost my inner happy alex.Image

I am so happy to say that it worked, along with reading reviews written about my fabulous evening prior to my muddy day, I was on my way to my first singing lesson with a new teacher in excellent spirits! Albeit a tiny bit behind schedule but it didn’t matter, I had positivity on my side and I arrived only 2 minutes past the start time. Hallelujah!

The lesson with Angel Lea was phenemonenal and I am so lucky to have stumbled across an Instagram post from a songwriter that I happen to follow because of his collaborations with Jessie J.

Angel Lea has worked with so many artists that I look up to including Anthony Hamilton and Ledisi, I really am blessed to have been accepted for tuition with her. She nailed my problem areas (Neck, Shoulder, and Core tension inhibiting stronger breath control affecting my intonation and expansion of tone at the top end of my mixed range) and is confident that if I practice the exercises she specified that I would be on top form upon returning to the UK.

I only wish found her at the beginning of my stint so that I could have soaked up some songwriting tips, and maybe picked her brain about her wonderful career.

After an hour of working on my tense areas and focusing the direction of my breath, I go onto my Jazz vocal lesson with Aubrey.

I was a tiny bit tardy to this class, but I had a small time frame to get from one class to the next and a 50 block subway ride at rush hour to do it in, all in all only being 10 minutes late is a win in my eyes!

As soon as I walk in I am handed a sheet with chord types, among other theory based exercise sheets. Yikes! It has been a while since identifying chord types, let alone singing the jazz variations with inversions and improvisation round the scales! My brain got a good workout in that hour and really reminded me how important theory is for a vocalist hoping to progress.

Then I got lost in central park for an hour and a half and it was like a ghost town! Perfect time to do that I imagine, as the weather was so grey and overcast it felt like it could rain at any moment.Image

So really, I don’t know what I was thinking with my laptop and all aimlessly walking around at the threat of big time rain at any minute. But luck was on my side again and I did not get rained on at all!Image

My luck ran out however when I thought I was walking in the downtown direction but turned out I was walking exactly the way I was trying not to go. I have to agree with my brother at how terrible my sense of direction is!Image

Somehow I ended up at Bowery from w 86th, but all was not lost as I found whole foods, got some healthy and not – so healthy food treats and trekked on home.

Sorry this turned into another longish post, but my days are so busy with such crazy fun things!

Peace Kings and Queens – Stay Frosty as my stepdad would say…