Song of the Day (Monday FUNK edition & one bonus RnB joint & Random story from summer in BK )



This is the ultimate funk discovery of this year for me.


I love Slave and I bloody love Maze.


One evening after I first moved in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn sometime in July I was walking around the hood after a recording session with a good friend’s band ( See sneak footage of the sesh here –  The Saturators – Check out their stuff too – My good friend Misha is the head Saturator and is THE guy for knowing what’s up in the city ), seeing what food was about and what drinks were flowing and what a saturday night looked like in my new area.

I stumbled upon an amphitheatre that was hosting one of the free outdoor parties…


This is where I was first introduced to the legendary Maze song above, and since then I haven’t stopped playing it!


Song of the day – MoS Def (Kali)


Knows how to whisper in your ear and tell you

You’re a star.

Related to an incident whereby a well known Movie actor was a damn hot mess around Venice Beach being slightly Stalky… A victim to the bizz

Stevie Spesh – Song of the Day!

I woke up this morning- after drinking one glass too many of red last night and perhaps too much food on my solo dinner excursion-  to this gorge song!

my dad had sent me a little message this morning with it in!

So cute, love him so much.

More about my crazy dinner in another post!


Song of the day! Maxwell (again)

Today I have been singing NON stop, I feel sorry for my poor nan who has been trying to get on with her usual daily routine of washing clothes, potterin and gardening. ‘You’re in good voice this morning’ is what she said to me. Who knows what that means, she speaks pretty thick saaaaf london chat and sometimes it may aswel be another language haha.

I love to sing this song after studying it profusely when writing my own stuff whilst staying in NYC.

Maxwell is an amazing vocalist and songwriter, and is never far from beautifully gifted instrumentalists that ensure he keeps getting better and better!

His blacksummersnight album is one of my favourites of all time and the lineup of the backline is stellar!

Song of the day! (Esperenza Spalding)

‘Love me or leave me but please don’t deceive me
And say you love me how I am
You love the way I fit some ideal
Not the real woman you’ve yet to understand
See love ain’t all heaven, and I am no angel
But I do the best I can

You always wanted something more from my body
And said you needed something more from my loving
But all you got was me and that’s all that I can be
I’m sorry if it let you down’

Love her…

We need to talk about Solange… (Song of the Day)


Especially this track. Love the 80s vibe and the vulnerability in her voice.

Seems as though style effortlessly effervesces from Solange in between her rounds with Jay.

Check out her Saint Heron stuff too

She works/plays with all the cool kids and cares about the world. A lot.

Would love to be a fly on the wall of the xmas carolling!!


Song of the day! Countdown to 2015. Don’t look back in Anger, Love.

I managed to sit still long enough today to watch a BBC Alba doc about Amy Winehouse. It saw her perform at some random Irish festival and showed a really cool interview where she spoke extremely freely.

It was amazing to hear her talking about all the greats like Sarah Vaughn, Monk, Ella, Kim Burrell and Carleen Anderson. Amy’s knowledge, sheer curiosity and wonder about music seemed infectious. I would have loved the chance to chill and chat with her. (Obv). She was listing off, literally, all of my faves.

Specifically Amy gushed around Carleen’s version of the Oasis track ‘Don’t look back in Anger’.

I owe Amy an thankyou for reminding me of this bangin cover. At the moment this track carries a heavy significance to lots of feelings.

Especially after such crazy times in 2013/2014.

Carleen really gives this track a different edge, and I LOVE IT. The story is moving and her choices are perfection.

I know lots of people around me have been feeling a bit unhinged the last couple of years, but since being back from NY my peeps vibes have changed! Everyone seems content and chilled after losing their shit for the last 18 months haha.

2015 is going to be the one! Oh YES. Get ready!

So all my loves, Don’t look back in Anger.

You hear me say?

Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

Song of the day – No sleep for the Sunburn addition!

So up until I heard a podcast from Brighton DJ, Mike Panteli around the pool at the Villa I had NO idea that the Kelly Rowland version of this song wasn’t the original! D’oh Alex, D’oh to you, you fool! 

I always loved that song, and thought that whomever had written it was a real gifted melody writer. I was right! 

Daylight is always a surprise no matter the circumstance, and my circumstance this morning spurred all sorts of positive energy. 

So I tip my hat to Womack for writing a track around a time of day that truly is special and magical. 

Boom Bobby, thanks Doll. You are a ledge.