Hometown Glory – FRNZ



I haven’t hung with Freddie in many years, and back in the college days he was my best friend’s best friend. Many a summer’s afternoon was spent chilling in whatever park was closest to us bunking off all dayyy just chattin shit and listening to music. Freddie was part of the group of sparks that ignited my love for Hip Hop, music and peaceful living.

I’ve bumped into him a few times over the years and always chatted for absolutely ages. He loved a good catch up and was always super engaged in all kinds of people and ideas. We compared notes on living with partners (his was always glowing…<3) and bullshitted about those careless days when all we were dodging was shit from teachers or parents.

I am making his music part of my regular rotation, and would love for as many people as possible to hear Freddie’s fruit of labour.

An absolute tragedy that one of the good ones was taken far too early.

My deepest sympathies and all of my love to the families.

J Dee has found his right hand man up there!

My saddest sympathies are also with Dan’s family and friends. Far too tragic.

Hometown Glory

Checkin in with my hometown talent!

Today I signed into my facebook page and was greeted by incredibly talented people.

The first is a guy I have known for a fair few years now from around Brighton. We share musical inclinations and I can always rely on him to book the best performers in my hometown of Brighton,UK.

He also runs an extremely successful hip-hop, funk and beats night (mid-week sensation!) called Donuts, I have written about it previously and never stop gushing about it. In a City like Brighton where Hip Hop is so revered and respected it was about time a night that honoured the work of Dilla and his influences took it’s rightful place under the station.

But I am writing about him here to share his own beats and creations!


The beats he makes are interesting and funky as hell. Check it fools!


Next up is a lovely lady whom I have only met a handful of times but we bonded pretty quickly over singing technique nerdiness and landlord beef!


This is one of her poems. It moved me instantly and even writing about it now I have chills. Never has there been a more important or influential time to use the arts and expression to try and make some waves in our scary and dangerous world.

And finally!

This is a gorgeously filmed video of The Charleston dancers of Brighton.

You guys did a great job in showing such a beautiful city filled with beautiful people full of love.


Love Supreme Jazz Festival Day 1

After attending Love Supreme festival last year with my brother, mostly to see Gregory Porter (who was on the main stage and phenomenal- not to mention Brand New Heavies and Esperenza Spalding), I was absolutely certain that I had to be in attendance with my mum this year. I knew she would love it, and any opportunity I can get to spend some more time with my mum is a good time in my eyes- especially because we both love music so much, I knew this would be perfect for us.

An added bonus was one of my best friends in the world had a camping ticket, and she bought her mum along too!

So we rock up just in time to see Snarky Puppy and to grab a drink in the VIP area (I know – get us! 😀 ) . Snarky Puppy were key players for Day 1 for me so I was extremely interested to see what they would do with their set and how they would pick from their mountain of material.

They did not disappoint. Talk about kicking things off right!

For a mostly instrumental collective I have always been a bit on/off with the vibe, but their live act was phenomenal and they managed to get everyone involved singing the horn lines and even as I am writing these words now, I can still remember them! The main thing I took away from watching them play live was how much they love each other and support each other’s individual skills and projects. Setting off the theme of Love nicely.

Next was Incognito bringing it for the 90s dance crew. Talk about day rave!

They had everyone on their feet the whole set and I think it is fair to say no one wanted it to end. They pulled out a couple of Stevie covers (Don’t you worry about a thing, As) and the 3 vocalists complimented each other perfectly and inspired me to no end. Inspired to try pink hair, like one of the singers was werking, but to get to working on my ceiling notes so I can shut it down like she did!

I was extremely keen to see Derrick Hodge, who had a slight overlap with Incognito, but my mum stood her ground and made me stay to the end of their set and I am so glad I did. Sometimes mums really do know best!

So up next was the man who I’m pretty sure I am in love with. He was rocking a Union Jack beater and was looking lovely lovely lovely.

I promise that is enough of the perving for the time being… (But really, you should have been there and then you would get it 100%)

He and his band were unbelievably tech and most notably the drummer was possibly the best drummer I have ever seen live. I am honoured that I got to bear witness to Derrick Hodge’s first solo project performance at Love Supreme and I really hope they all return.

Great setup, and we even got to hear what Derrick has in the vocal chops dept (gorgeously genuine and skilled – obv).

Next was local band The E.M.E.

I have had the pleasure of having seen these guys play a few times around Brighton and they always bring the cool. I have mad respect for them as a collective, bringing the ‘drunk’ sounding jazz/soul/hip-hop to my home turf (I am gna steal D’angelo/Questlove’s way of describing the drumming style, if you don’t know what I mean check out D’s Red Bull music academy lecture, The best 2 hours of my life!). I have even sung with The E.M.E once before at Audio (They have a monthly residency where they like to invite musicians and singers on stage to jam with them at the end of the evening. Super fun and great experience for someone like me who is looking to improve upon improvisation skills in a live setting – Thanks Abz and the guys again for that opportunity!).

They pulled a massive crowd, and had everyone dancing in the rain without a care in the world! Delta Lima joined them for a few tracks and an acapella. Delta has such a great tone and his lyrical content is conscious and important, Imma defo be keepin my eye on him!

I could easily go through every member of The E.M.E and gush until my throat runs dry, but that is a whole nother blog post for another day (That is for sure – These guys deserve all the hype they receive!).

Do yourself a favour and get on their soundcloud now!


Next we tried to catch Lalah’s set but it was pretty busy by the time we got there so we decided to go and stake out our spot for The Earth, Wind and Fire experience and man, am I glad we got the spot we did! We were so close to the front and right smack bam in the middle! DISCO!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this act, my cynical brain enabled my expectations to be pretty low for this act, and for some reason expected it to be a bit of a second rate version of the legendary Earth Wind and Fire.

I could not have been more wrong!

I can only explain how incredible this was by posting this video :-

The moves, the instrumentation, the musicianship. 10/10!

Next was Omar, but by this time I was ravenous so decided to fill my belly instead of catching the set (I know now that before I start to have some tipples in the daytime, eating is an absolute must!). But all was not lost because, luckily for me, Omar made a surprise appearance on Day 2, more about this in my next post.

To finish Day 1 was Jamie Cullum and to be honest I am not a massive fan of his music/style but I am a fan of him so I was looking forward to seeing him do his thing and tearing the stage up like I know he does like a pro!

Lo and behold he did not disappoint, and really didn’t want it to end along with us! He was feeling the Love so it was great to round off the day with a performer absolutely loving being on stage at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival 2014.

The only part that sucked from Day 1 was having to leave!

I really do wish I would have camped, but I have learnt my lesson and next year, camping is a must. I heard that the DJ’s who played into the night were right up my street. Gutted.

The theme that most impressed me from Day 1 of the festival was the respect that was given to the musicians, and the freedom they were given by the lead artists to play around in as many solos as possible, and we all loved every second of it!