Hometown Glory! Dec 15

So once again here I am innocently scrolling through facebook when I am hit in the face with AMAZINGNESS!


I introduce to you all, my extremely good friend,

Jai Cove

(I very nearly full named him just then but managed to stop myself – haha. If you want to know his full name, ask him – It is worth the ask, for sure)

He has been hard at work perfecting this gorgeous spiral staircase. I hope when he is rolling in it he will come to my house and pimp out my stairs like this!


Look at the talent behind this, absolute beauty. Jai also makes instruments!



Another nearest and dearest of mine is also smashing it playing for Experimental band LUO.


Check some of his youtube vids out too!


Not to mention all of us world travellers who are slowly coming back for Xmas from our various capades.

Singers, dancers, videographers, musicians… We’re all back!