August Album & Mixtape RINSE – jmsn & Mick Jenkins

if you don’t know…now you know.

If you love RnB – Think a more intricately produced JT Album!

One thing I do love about being in the UK as oppose to NYC is the amount of new (and interesting) music that is floating around restoring my faith in the Industry. Obviously I LOVE New York and love living in Brooklyn when I can, but in terms of being a bit daring or a bit out of the box with music it doesn’t seem to be as heralded as over here, well Brighton specifically.



I’m Bout it!


Song of the day – No sleep for the Sunburn addition!

So up until I heard a podcast from Brighton DJ, Mike Panteli around the pool at the Villa I had NO idea that the Kelly Rowland version of this song wasn’t the original! D’oh Alex, D’oh to you, you fool! 

I always loved that song, and thought that whomever had written it was a real gifted melody writer. I was right! 

Daylight is always a surprise no matter the circumstance, and my circumstance this morning spurred all sorts of positive energy. 

So I tip my hat to Womack for writing a track around a time of day that truly is special and magical. 

Boom Bobby, thanks Doll. You are a ledge. 

Being Back in the UK!

So now that I am officially back to my UK life, I will be posting about the goings on of Brighton and how I am keeping myself going until my next trip. My feet get way too itchy in these parts.

I am making the most of the sunsets, my Homies and Brighton in the summer! There really is no better place in the UK to be when it is warm.

Below are some pics from the last 3 weeks of being back, and I have to say I feel extremely lucky to be able to come back to such exciting times.

I am at Love Supreme festival this weekend (YAY- bonus my mum and my sister are coming too – not to mention my BRIT School Soul sister also camping there with her mum), then Shakedown festival, then a soul weekender down in Margate with my dad and brother, and then a lovely family holiday to Menorca!

That should keep me going until I return to Brooklyn in Sept!

I am also working on new music, back at regular yoga practice, and doing well working for eBook Partnership.

2014 rocks…