Song of the Day (Monday FUNK edition & one bonus RnB joint & Random story from summer in BK )



This is the ultimate funk discovery of this year for me.


I love Slave and I bloody love Maze.


One evening after I first moved in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn sometime in July I was walking around the hood after a recording session with a good friend’s band ( See sneak footage of the sesh here –  The Saturators – Check out their stuff too – My good friend Misha is the head Saturator and is THE guy for knowing what’s up in the city ), seeing what food was about and what drinks were flowing and what a saturday night looked like in my new area.

I stumbled upon an amphitheatre that was hosting one of the free outdoor parties…


This is where I was first introduced to the legendary Maze song above, and since then I haven’t stopped playing it!



Happy Monday everyone! 

I am writing this still in recovery from a very successful PRIDE weekend down here in Brighton, UK.

Brighton always comes all the way out in full force to support the LGBT community.

My home City shuts down main roads, parks, fountains, buildings, shops, houses, roofs and everywhere else in favour of partying and celebrating freedom to be whoever the freak you feel like. This year was the first year I was around to enjoy the full weekend, and I had an absolute blast.

Everyone comes out, wears glitter, finds feathers, and raves until they fall asleep.

Wanderers come home, Friends who enjoy a homier life come out and about with bells!

I hardly saw anyone I planned to see but just knowing we were all around having a good time carefree was all good 😀

Thankyou to everyone who participated in this amazing show of love, support and humanity.

Long Live Brighton PRIDE!

Fly your flag of Love ❤



Love that it was PRIDE’s 25th Birthday and I am in my 25th year!

1990 was a gooden y’all!


Vegas baby!

The highlight of this trip for me, geek that I am, was the bus ride there and back from LAX. I took the Greyhound (5 ish hours), which meant that I got to see the Desert, Mountains, Cacti and tings from the bus. It only cost $50 for both ways, so all in all an absolute bargain. I had a priceless view for the whole journey, AND I got to sit at the front.

(lol – My year10 self would be mortified at the above paragraph)

I stayed at The LinQ, a newish development on the strip and my room was lovely (and cheap), the complex that they have built around The LinQ is probably the nicest that I saw on the strip. The selection of bars and restaurants on The Promenade were the least dated and had a good variety of food and drinks etc etc. blah blah.

Another decent group of food and drink is the New York New York complex, I knew as soon I saw it there’d be good food there. A Burger from Shake Shack tempted me, but I am well and truly vegetarian now inside as I went in to order it, got in line and then just felt myself walk right back out again.

My first night there I got sucked into the madness and had a couple too many drinks, lost money on the slots, and did Karaoke (Beyonce – obv). All night I sought after good live music but all I could find was old man Americana or cheese charts. Gambling wasn’t super appealing to me after losing $40 Lickity split.

The next day, I made the most of my big hotel bed and TV and spent the morning horizontal watching South Park – After spending all that time in the shared room Hostel I was so happy to have my own bathroom, my own mirrors and my own space! Finally I could regain my true introvert leanings and not talk to anyone for a few days whilst in Vegas. And that is just what I did.

I ate some good food, saw some amazing street performances, watched the fountains and got fried in the desert heat.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed by Vegas vibes but the Strip is something to see in your life for sure, these Hotels and Casinos are masterpieces in lighting and architecture.

I didn’t hear any music I loved (i.e. hip-hop or soul or house) so that kind of ruined the buzz for me.

What was great though is the cheap hotel rooms! (Look out for the resort fees; they can trip you up if you aren’t aware of them.)

Fallen Angel’s Delight (Venice Beach, LA)

Funny how I feel at ease down here at Venice Beach huh?

2015-06-02 03.35.59     2015-05-28 04.04.112015-05-29 04.20.00

Beach, Sunsets, Skaters, Yoga, colorful characters, strong sense of community and a genuine feel of love down in these parts. Oh and dispensaries all over the damn place, not my vibe at the moment but still interesting to see how the new capitalist business of weed is booming.

I’ve stumbled on tons of curbside photo-shoots, a commercial being filmed at the skate park starring the skaters I had watched the day before. There is definitely chat of upping their insta games to get these commercials, Big Bucks!

2015-06-02 02.08.24

It seems that everywhere I look the divide between money and broke is becoming more aggressive. Big developers are monopolizing homes on this coast too! All too familiar. London has the same, as does New York. We are all living on this planet so we can’t we just Be? Instead of always trying to make more more more. These same developers are working alongside the police to help ‘clean up the community’ i.e exterminate the homeless population and folks who don’t have a whole lot.2015-06-02 03.34.22

If we just keep moving these people on where do we expect them to go?! Why can’t they live down here by the beach with pleasant surroundings?

2015-05-31 23.00.12

Rant over. For now!

Week 1 rundown of Brooklyn Life

Sunsetsoulsister is back in the BK just in time for summer to kick in. haha!

My summer was stellar and I could not be more grateful for all the amazing things the last few years has churned up, but now let’s get Fall happening, US Style! It looks as though it is going to be interesting!

So I am back in Bushwick with the BK fam and loving it. It was touch and go if I was even going to return for a while! I had China knocking at my door with an opportunity to sing over there, but for one reason or another that didn’t pan out so, lucky I had a Plan B in BK.

The initial period of this trip is very different to the last time. Last time I was with my brother, it was savage weather with snow and late blizzards and all that, and we did not know a soul. This time around it almost feels too easy!

In my first week back there have been dinners, many a hangout, beach trips and Karaoke, of course. It is so funny to me how much the Yanks love karaoke. In the UK it is like pulling teeth to get ANYONE to get excited about going to karaoke.

I used to work in a karaoke bar that just had private rooms and it was always so hilarious watching people come in who were absolutely dreading it – usually were in attendance by some sort of forceful office/Birthday/Hen+stag situation! By the end of the night 8/10 times these people would love it, and it always entertaining hearing all the stories upon their departure from the venue.

Basically my point is, when I get home in Dec UK people – Karaoke is HAPPENING!

Considering I spent the first 4/5days in a bit of a weird jet lag/ Super moon / summer hangover vibe it has been a very lovely and chilled chance for me to settle in.

I have visited Rockaways beach, Travelled upstate to The Catskills (I know UK peeps, I don’t get the name either…) and my local literally across the street from my new digs. Much fun has been had, and I am enjoying exploring all over again!

So I am going to try my best to keep on updating in between everything going on.

Peace y’all and Happy Fall!20140905_145127 (1) 20140905_150130 (1) 20140906_123317_Anne 20140906_123328_Anne (1) 20140906_123328_Anne 20140906_123550_Janine_Rose 20140906_141404_Anne 20140906_141407_Anne 20140906_141414_Harry 20140907_125749_Adrian_Burn 20140907_162613 (1) 20140912_113124 20140912_190615 20140912_192505 20140912_192524 (1) 20140912_193044 (1) 20140912_193054 (1) 20140912_193058 (1) 20140915_203227 20140915_203232 IMG_3831_Ian Screenshot_2014-09-12-00-02-09_Ian_Orange Screenshot_2014-09-12-00-02-22_Merissa_Devine Snapchat-20140911035848 Snapchat-20140911040822 Snapchat-20140911072354 Snapchat-20140911072527 Snapchat-20140912072322 Snapchat-20140912072334

Very Important Post!

Now I am not generally a ‘Fashionista’ or any other lame weird name thing for someone who is interested in Fashion, but after reading this article amongst jumping around blogs I have to agree with this ‘Fashionista’ blogger. 

We really are dangerously close to velour tracksuits and burberry, well not ‘we’ per se – I am NOWHERE NEAR a velour tracksuit, I swear, but ‘we’ like the ‘we’ that wears stuff rihanna wears and all that. 

I could not handle any of the unmentionables mentioned in this article coming back around. 

Fashion Is Getting Dangerously Close to the 2000s

Anyway, enough of my panic chatter, I am sure there won’t be anything velour tracksuit looking in H & M anytime soon. (I hope).

Take a read and let me know if you spot any slight twinges of ridiculous phrasing embellished on the arses of trousers anywhere! (Other than Miami, we know about that already…)


Philosophies spurned by Sun Burn Sleeplessness @ 5am

So I am just past the halfway point of my family holiday on the beautiful Island of Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands – Also home to another of my favourite Islands, Ibiza. I have just finished watching the sunrise after not being able to sleep because of a rookie self-inflicted ailment – Sunburn. The dreaded bloody sunburn that I vowed I would not get this year because my days of sun worshipping are over, or so I thought.

In my head I am a proper Hippy. I try to stay away from chemicals of any sort as much as possible, this includes sun cream – especially the generic Hawaiian tropic sun cream that is so readily available, despite it smelling like delight and sunshine. My solution to this problem was to stay out of the sunshine as much as possible, and for the first 3 days I was in and out and up and down and doing a pretty good job of keeping the burn at bay.

Then I went to the Beach.

The Beach at Cala En Porter is absolutely gorgeous, and lives up to all the Pinterest board pictures for sure. The water is so blue that you could easily check your face to see if you are wearing sunglasses that make everything look dialed up a notch colour-wise. La Playa is just the right size so it couldn’t get busy busy, and luckily is a mixture of Europeans and Brits so it is a world away from some of the tourist resorts I have visited over the years. Tourist resorts running with tribal tattoos and twat tans, beer in hand. But guess who now has a twat tan / sunburn?!


Bloody me and my stupid ideas of no sun cream on the beach, where everyone knows that a high level of tanning is inevitable. A combination of not much shade, cool breeze and refreshing ocean made a fabulous recipe for a very sore and slightly red back. This incident has taught me some valuable lessons :-

  1. Always trust your instincts.

Before I came away I had a niggling thought in my head to go to my local health shop (Infinity Foods, Brighton) to purchase the hemp based sun cream that I used a lot last year and the year before. Why I ignored my own sensibility? Because my crazy rationalization said that I didn’t need suncream because I wouldn’t get burnt. Nice one Brain, way to override yourself! My instinct did make my legs go to the health shop, but my brain ignored the sun cream section and went straight for the much. *rolls eyes* #standard


This is NOW obvious to me.

  1. Being up before sunrise really does have a certain Je ne ce quois about it in terms of creativity / productivity.

This morning I have nailed down some more verses to a track that has been on my mind a lot lately, but hadn’t quite found the time/mindframe/confidence to just bloody write something. I have written this article, caught up with a friend back in BK and caught a beaut sunrise. Everyday, Every second I am shown that everything happens for a reason, and although this cause of creativity and action has been particularly physically painful. I have for sure learnt my lesson not to play with the sun because she means what she says! She will burn you, and no she will not apologise!

Peace for you and your skin.

Hot bod is only ok internally de temps en temps 😉 


p.s I found this post about natural sunburn remedies. It is full of recipes and is very informative about why certain ingredients are so great at soothing scorched skin.

Song of the day – No sleep for the Sunburn addition!

So up until I heard a podcast from Brighton DJ, Mike Panteli around the pool at the Villa I had NO idea that the Kelly Rowland version of this song wasn’t the original! D’oh Alex, D’oh to you, you fool! 

I always loved that song, and thought that whomever had written it was a real gifted melody writer. I was right! 

Daylight is always a surprise no matter the circumstance, and my circumstance this morning spurred all sorts of positive energy. 

So I tip my hat to Womack for writing a track around a time of day that truly is special and magical. 

Boom Bobby, thanks Doll. You are a ledge.