Very Important Post!

Now I am not generally a ‘Fashionista’ or any other lame weird name thing for someone who is interested in Fashion, but after reading this article amongst jumping around blogs I have to agree with this ‘Fashionista’ blogger. 

We really are dangerously close to velour tracksuits and burberry, well not ‘we’ per se – I am NOWHERE NEAR a velour tracksuit, I swear, but ‘we’ like the ‘we’ that wears stuff rihanna wears and all that. 

I could not handle any of the unmentionables mentioned in this article coming back around. 

Fashion Is Getting Dangerously Close to the 2000s

Anyway, enough of my panic chatter, I am sure there won’t be anything velour tracksuit looking in H & M anytime soon. (I hope).

Take a read and let me know if you spot any slight twinges of ridiculous phrasing embellished on the arses of trousers anywhere! (Other than Miami, we know about that already…)