So I got a bit philosophical on Friday and this is what happened…

As I sit here in McCarren Park I can’t help but ponder life.

I am struggling with balancing ambition and my incessant need for new experiences with being in the here and now and present in the moment.

For instance today, it is a beautiful day and my plan was to go to yoga, then grocery shopping and then start some new work that a friend has introduced me to. So I walk the 30 minute walk to my new yoga studio (loom in Bushwick – review and yoga journal up soon!) and get there a bit early. For most people I would imagine that this is their ideal. For me being early always can put whatever I am early for in the ‘optional’ box in my head. Especially if the sun is shining and its mid September. Yoga is something I enjoy immensely, and at the moment it is important that I go as much as possible – My back is out of wack from a summer of dancing and adventures.

All this being said, and knowing how important it is long term for me to go, why did I not go? Why did I choose to sit in the sunshine for a few hours instead?

This is a consistent theme of my life and as I am reaching mid 20s (yes Tony, REACHING MID 20S. I am NOT nearly 30) I am trying to figure out where my priorities are at these days. I thought Yoga was a big priority, but it turns out that even that is subject to change depending on the weather?

I think it is because I am British, and when the sun is out in Brighton, UK you would think it is city of The Unemployed! Everyone flocks to the beach and the drinks flow until way past sunset – Mid week!

So anyway, back to how my day has rolled out (It is still only 1.30pm – My NYC Brain is in full effect, clearly). I’m in McCarren Park with the idea that I am going to go and be all Yogi in the Park and concentrate on being in the here and now, and all I have done is thought about things I would like to do in the future or aims I have for my time over here.

This is all very in line with my Piscean profile, I spend a lot of time in my own head idealizing life and pondering how great XYZ would be blah blah. So it is all positive thoughts and ideas and planning etc but how do I achieve any of these things if when it gets to it, the sun is out or my fickle fish self flows on by whatever I had planned.

Am I really doing things I want to do, or are they just things I have convinced myself that I want to do over my 24years?! OR Do I just have no discipline and follow through? OR am I ruled by my own expectations? I think that might be it.

The book I am reading at the moment is called The Power of Now and it’s by Eckhart Tole. I am so trying to practice with the thoughts in this book, and also building on the Tao of Pooh that I listened to as an audiobook sometime last year.

I suppose this is more of a shout out to anyone feeling philosophical at this changeover of season time for any advice.

Any ideas on how to get shit done whilst in keeping with being happy and present just the way everything is in the now?

My first idea would be to get a solid meditation routine in, but what if I do not feel like it one morning? Do I force it because I know it is good for me long-term OR go with my flow of that moment?


Peace peepsx20140907_125749_Adrian_Burn


#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC Day 3!

Day 3- Meatball Monday

Today I decided to stop planning out  my last 3 weeks in anticipation of my time here never ending, and just roll with whatever happens.

20140519_193432_SophiaAs per usual, I came to this conclusion whilst chillin’ on the porch with my housemate. I planned on visiting the gym and not eating white carbs and sugar until Friday, to give my body a bit of a break after the ice cream and cookies of the weekend! So although I didn’t make my cardio at the gym, I did make yoga (with my favourite sub teacher too! – I think she is magic, I always feel super aligned after her classes) and I did walk a lot around Bushwick.

Food wise- I did have green juice and salad, but did end up joining my housemate’s famous meatballs and spaghetti evening. Continue reading “#25HappyHealthyDaysinNYC Day 3!”

Yoga with Adrienne NYC meetup!

One of the key figures in my Yoga journey has been Adrienne and imagine my happiness when I stumbled upon her video announcement of her taking a class in NYC!

The way that Adrienne teaches is very clear and direct and helped me iron out some of my creases remotely through her channel, and I am so grateful for the knowledge she imparts to her viewers.

If you are new to yoga or just want some different sequences to add to your bag of tricks I would definitely check her out! Her channel is especially handy for when you can’t get to class for any reason.

Check the beautifully filmed video out – bonus points if you can spot your favourite British blogger 😀

See Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox

Eight days to reboot and revitalize!

KaliSpring has well and truly sprung, and I hear it is the perfect season to cleanse the body and mind after the groggy winter months.

I have been exploring the cleansing ideas for a while now and had yet to discover one that I thought I could realistically do, for either time or money reasons. So I researched, and decided a juice cleanse would be a good idea. I looked for organic and cold pressed juice detox packages, and found a few that looked very good with great reviews.

However, something was holding me back as it seemed like a lot of money for a 3 day package, and then there is the delivery and blah blah, I basically talked myself out of 3 different selections.

So on I go with my life, practicing yoga, persevering with the guitar and singing my jazz. I didn’t think much more of it, I am a Pisces so naturally very fickle. Ideas I do not lack that is for sure. Commitment, now that’s a whole different story! Continue reading “Kali Ayurvedic Yoga Detox”

Yoga at Greenhouse Holistic, Brooklyn

One of my goals whilst living in NYC was to find a yoga studio and to really dig into my practice. It is safe to say, 7th week in, that I am definitely en route. Thanks to a studio in Williamsburg by the name of Greenhouse Holistic.

I am lucky that the location of my first apartment out here was in south Williamsburg. It seems that this part of Brooklyn has a really excellent yoga community, and meeting all the different kinds of teachers I have met throughout my 6 weeks, has truly been a life affirming experience.

Back in Brighton, I attended a couple of yoga classes a week, with the inspirational Michele Winter, and was falling deeper and deeper in love with asana. I forced myself to go to these classes because it was the only time that my brain slowed down and focused on something other than my own sadness. Continue reading “Yoga at Greenhouse Holistic, Brooklyn”