What I Eat in NYC …1

In light of my determination to post on here more I am trying out different styles of posting. So in this little experiment I am going to list a few of the places I have eaten at and give a little mini review, as oppose to a post for each establishment.

See, my NYC Brain really is in full effect now, alongside my normal attitude of working smarter, not harder I am now adopting speed on top of that. So hopefully my natural sloth like self can keep up.

Oh, I am going to start with the only place I can think of off the top of my head, but unfortunately not for great reasons. Ah well, gotta get the ball rolling somehow…

Ridgewood Eats, BK – All I have eaten from here, is a burger, sweet fries and some cake. The cake was bloody good – First time I tried red velvet and I have to say I don’t really know what all the hype is about, unless it was bad cake? It was a good texture and the flavours were all there but I guess I am just a chocolate fudge girl deep down. The Burger and fries were wet… Even after letting it air out for a while after opening the container. Imagine my dismay, I rarely eat a burger, especially from a takeout place! Service was good however, and for the cake being of a nice consistency and quality I will give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Bushwick’s Living Room, BK. – After my first session at my new Yoga Studio (LOOM) I stumbled upon this place on my way home. I had poached eggs with lots of salad and whole-wheat toast. It was LOVELY! So nice. My coffee cup was refilled without me even noticing and the server at the bar was so nice and friendly. I am learning that in New York/Brooklyn you have to take all of the great cheery service you can get, as not everyone feels that smiles are freely to be given. 5/5 for sure.

Soho Tiffin Junction, NYC (NYU area) – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE I HAVE DISCOVERED THUS FAR. OhMyDays I love it. Not super cheap for a lunch, but it did last me until the evening and gave me a nice part 2 later on. I am not really sure what I had, as I can’t remember the names and stuff but I would highly recommend anyone in the Greenwich/soho/nyu W4 area to go here. Then go again. I met the manager/owner of the place and he was so helpful and asked me what kinds of stuff I like and then built my food for me around that. Great service, excellent food and lots of people watching to be done around that area. 5/5 (but really, 10/5)